Wizard Rifle – Here in the Deadlights

With the new addition of a bassist filling the sound of Here in the Deadlights, Portland trio Wizard Rifle seems to finally be on their way to some international recognition. Although not the heaviest, nor the most progressive, nor even the most unique sounding heavy rock group, Wizard Rifle draws their influence from several 70s rock and punk bands, which neatly arranges itself into a thick mesh of sound, founded mostly on the energetic dual singing and playing from drummer Sam Ford and guitarist Max Dameron. If one thing can be said, these guys are seriously tight, bouncing from riff to riff, dynamic to dynamic, with as much ease as such a noisy plethora of sonance will allow. Often compared to King Crimson or Misfits, Here in the Deadlights sounds more like an early Uriah Heep album, sludgy, but playing heavily with volume and movement. Track after track seems to be an epic little escapade in its own right, building up into a crescendo of churning guitar lines and drum riffs, moving inch by careful inch towards the refined heavy rock sound they constantly seem to be searching for.

- Fin Worrall

Electric Wizard – Time To Die

Electric Wizard’s latest album may be loud, but the band itself feels like they’re writing these songs on autopilot.

Vallenfyre – Splinters

The UK’s Vallenfyre brings together a slew of different death metal styles on this sophomore record of theirs, and feeds them through some incredibly heavy, pummeling production.

Mantar – Death By Burning

The latest full-length album from the previously mentioned Mantar is now available for streaming via the widget embedded above.

Various shades of metal play into this ten tracks on this record: death, black, sludge, doom. And some of the riffs here have a faint rock ‘n’ roll vibe as well. Mantar certainly shows off a lot of diversity for a “band” that’s only got two members. Their exclusion of bass guitar doesn’t stop this record from sounding heavy as hell either.

While there isn’t exactly a lot of subtlety or layering going on here because of the stripped back instrumentation, Mantar’s infectious grooves and manic vocals still bring a lot to the table. Enjoy!

Indian – From All Purity

Indian’s latest album is the Chicago metal outfit’s most hellish release!

Stone Titan – Peace, Love, and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE

Connecticut sludge/noise outfit Stone Titan has followed up their recently released full-length debut with a new EP of tracks that you can stream via the widget above. It’s heavy, feedback-filled, and in your fucking face. Enjoy! Also, catch a review of the band’s latest release below:

The Body – “An Altar or a Grave”

The Body – An Altar or A Grave from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

The experimental, tortured, and chilling metal duo known as The Body drops a new music video for a cut on their forthcoming album on Thrill Jockey Records, Christs, Redeemers. “An Altar of a Grave consists of the band’s trademark crushing riffs and blood-curdling shrieks. There are also some pretty eerie female chorus vocals, which have played a notable role on the band’s previous efforts as well, but the video attached to this track is a murky underwater ride through what makes the Body such a twisted musical project. Enjoy!

Prosanctus Inferi – Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night

After a blood-curdling scream is when Prosanctus Inferi really kicks their new album off, Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night, which a heavy-as-hell record that features plenty of blast beat drums, gruesome vocals, and some grimy lead guitars from this San Francisco-based outfit. Stream this sophomore record of theirs via the widget above, and enjoy!

Autopsy – The Headless Ritual

While Autopsy is sounding much heavier on The Headless Ritual, these death metal veterans just didn’t seem to put in the songwriting effort that they did on their last full-length, Macabre Eternal.


Grayceon – Pearl and the End of Days

San Francisco-based doom/progressive/noise outfit Grayceon just released a new EP yesterday for free on Flenser Record’s bandcamp page. This is certainly one of the most exciting pieces of progressive metal I’ve heard this year. If you’re a fan of dreamy, ethereal vocals being layered on top of sludge riffs, unpredictable time-signature and instrumentation changes, and a general sense of adventurousness within the confines of heavy music, give these guys a listen.