SOL – “Old Him”

With hip hop’s often me-centric standpoint, SOL brings something you don’t catch on a lotta tracks these days: Sympathy for your fellow man. SOL doesn’t get too wrapped up in his own problems on this track. Actually, some of the bars here elude to him doing well for himself financially, but that doesn’t alleviate the pain he feels when he sees others in pain. Props to the people at Kinda Neat for the video!

Graveyard- “Goliath”

Old school psychedelic Swedish rock outfit Graveyard is bringing those nostalgic sounds along with a pretty clear message about the state of the world.

Despite what some YouTube commenter might have to say about the previously mentioned message it shouldn’t be that hard to grasp for most people especially when you consider the title of the song. Basically it deals with ideas of oppression and topics that really fit the bands 70′s psych rock aesthetic. This brand of stoner rock has always been appealing instrumentally to me as it has an organic jam-like feeling to it that not a lot of other genres can really capture. It does that will still remaining fairly heavy and focused; it’s clear that Graveyard has a pretty strong grip of this style of music and are just working on making it more complex either instrumentally or in the case of this song a lyrical message.

Remix Wednesday!

1. Marina & the Diamonds- Obsessions (oOoOO Remix) (SoundCloud)

2. Chromeo- Don’t Turn the Lights On (BASHO Remix) (SoundCloud)

3. Teen Daze- Shine On, You Crazy Whitecap (Gobble Gobble Remix) (mp3)

4. Phoenix- 1901 (Zillamix) (mp3)

5. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.- Somebody To Love me (Holy Ghost! Remix) (YouTube)

6. Deadmau5- SOFI Needs a Ladder (Refracture Remix) (SoundCloud)

7. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti- Round and Round (KTWC Remix) (mp3)