Wolf People – “All Returns”

Wolf People is a psych rock band hailing from the UK that I’ve been digging casually for a while now. I’ve always liked the band’s vintage style, and the way they fearlessly flirt with English folk melodies and progressive rock-isms in their tracks. That seems to hold true for this new cut of theirs as well, “All Returns.”

The song opens up with some dark, funky guitar leads that explode into something Zappa might have orchestrated back in the way–but without the playful attitude. Yes, Wolfe People certainly feel stone-faced and no-nonsense as they guide the track through a chilling first verse, earth-shaking guitar chords, and a mountainous solo. It’s one of what’s sure to be several great tracks on the band’s forthcoming album on Jagjaguwar, Fain. It’s dropping April 30th.

Wolf People- “Silbury Sands” ‡ MP3

New 7” from UK outfit Wolf People. The track “Silbury Sands” is the lead single from their latest album, Steeple, which was released in October last year. Dig on the fiery guitar licks and English melodies below. Look out for the single’s 3/8 release if you like it:

MP3: Wolf People- Silbury Sands


Wolf People- “Tiny Circle” ‡ MP3

Progressive rock and jazz fusion aren’t spring chickens anymore, and some might say they’re on the verge of a long-overdue death rattle. There are plenty of revivalists, but what the music needs now is a doctor. It might never happen, but the band Wolf People is keeping everything stable on life support for now.

On “Tiny Circle,” the first track to come forth from their upcoming album, Steeple, the band runs a gauntlet of staccato guitar riffs wrapped with some impressive flute leads. The vocals are bluesy, and the drums accentuate the arrangements perfectly. The whole shebang builds into an all-out slug fest of acoustic guitars, wailing electric leads, and mellotron-esque synth chords before it quickly shuts down into a final set of chorus riffs. Grab the track below:

MP3: Wolf People- Tiny Circle

What did you think of this track? How ’bout that damn flute, eh!? Are you looking forward to this album? Do you think it will ‘save’ prog?