Dub Thompson – “Dog Races”

Recent Secretly Canadian signees Dub Thompson drop a new track and music video that reminds me of a more lush, psychedelic take on Odelay-era Beck. Really enjoying the band’s approach to groove, vocal delivery, and the slightly lo-fi tone of the recording. Not only that, but the marching theme melody of this track, strangely enough, is incredibly fun. If every track is this good on the band’s forthcoming album, 9 Songs, the only disappointment will be that it’s, well, 9 songs. Enjoy, and look for this album on June 10th!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – “Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring”

J-pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu drops yet another heart-warming song with some incredibly cute visuals attached. While her formula may be obvious, she’s still doing it incredibly well. Check a review for Kyary’s last album here.

Roc Marciano – “Slingers” ft. Knowledge the Pirate

New York’s Roc Marciano attaches some visuals to “Slingers,” which features some guest verses from Knowledge the Pirate. This track comes from the East Coast rapper-producer’s latest album, The Pimpire Strikes Back. Stream it here. Enjoy!

Isaiah Rashad – “Soliloquy”

Stark black & white visuals tagged onto the Isaiah Rashad track “Soliloquy,” which comes from the TDE rapper’s latest project Cilvia Demo. It drops this week. Enjoy!


Gum Takes Tooth – “The Perfect Surface”

Some strange, rhythmic, idiosyncratic music from Gum Takes Tooth. The video embedded above for the track “The Perfect Surface” was dropped late last year. From what I can see, the song doesn’t turn up on any of the UK-based duo’s previously released material. May this be teasing toward a new album, perhaps? I hope so!


A$AP Ferg – “Hood Pope”

An odd set of visuals grace A$AP Ferg’s infamous “Hood Pope” single, which dropped last year in promotion of the New York rapper’s commercial debut, Trap Lord.

Ferg’s unmistakable “ohhhh-oh” calls are met with images neighborhood kids, and some of ‘em are horrifically scarred. It sort of depicts the song’s theme of kids running wild in the streets, getting into trouble. They must “need nurturin’,” I guess.

Given the song’s title, of course there’s plenty of religious imagery, but not all of it is tastefully executed. I mean, Ferg ascends into heaven at the very end of the video, and his fat gold chain goes with him. It looks like he’s spitting his lyrics from some kind of holy book as one point as well. It all plays into the idea that Ferg himself is a religious figure. He wishes to lead his disciples away from senseless violence, but simultaneously knowns he’s far from perfect himself.

Check a review for Trap Lord below:

Young Fathers – “Get Up”

Young Fathers attach some shadowy visuals to the previously released “Get Up,” which is one of the many tracks that’ll be landing on the trio’s forthcoming album, Dead. The LP is still looking at a release next week on Anticon Records. Enjoy!

Holly Herndon – “Chorus”

Electronic music experimentalist Holly Herndon has a new 12″ that’s dropping this week via RVNG Intl. titled “Chorus.” As to be expected, this track is loaded with some adventurous vocal manipulations bustling percussion. It’s hard to put this track into words, it’s hard to make sense of it, it’s hard to pin down exactly what’s going on here. All I can truly say is I feel as if I’m being surrounded with a swarm of sounds I can’t grab onto long enough to truly get a feel for. That might not sound appealing on the surface, but I assure that this so-called swarm comes together in the most beautiful way possible.

Also, props to Akihiko Taniguchi on the direction of this video attached to “Chorus,” and check a review for Herndon’s latest full-length LP below:

Hellfyre Club – “DVT”

Hellfyre Club drops a video for one of the biggest bangers on the rap collective’s new mixtape Dorner vs. Tookie. Listen in for clever verses from Open Mike Eagle, VerBS, Nocando, KAIL, Busdriver and Rheteric Ramirez. Enjoy!

Also check a review for this Dorner/Tookie compilation below:

Quelle Chris – “Ghost At The Finish Line”

When you’re making money, and spending it frivolously, everybody comes around to be your “friend.” That’s pretty much the story behind the title track from Quelle Chris’ latest record, which dropped last year on Mello Music Group.

Chris recently dropped a video for the song, which features a pretty interesting visual aesthetic; creating a really cartoony look using black lights and neon props. Kudos to director Andrew Juncker.

Check a review for Ghost At The Finish Line below: