Rustie – Green Language

From shrill synths to lackluster vocal guests, the new Rustie album does little to live up to its predecessor.

Hudson Mohawke – “Chimes”

UK-based electronic music producer Hudson Mohawke has recently announced that he’s got a new EP on the way via Warp Records. He’s dropped a new track along with the announcement, and it’s the title track of that forthcoming EP, Chimes. It’s dropping officially on September 29th.

Needless to day, considering I’ve enjoyed Hudson’s previous projects so much, I’m excited for what’s coming up on Chimes. The title track itself takes an incredibly loud, rowdy approach to the trap banger. While there are some ethereal, glossy synth passages on this track, much of it’s runtime is taken over by loud, distorted sub-bass and slightly offbeat synth horns.

It’s unquestionably colorful, and even though it might share a little too much common ground with what Hudson’s already done in TNGHT, I’m still loving what’s going on here.


Nine Inch Nails – “Find My Way” (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)

Oneohtrix Point Never has made his remix of Nine Inch Nails’ “Find My Way” available to stream on his Soundcloud page. His take on the track is incredibly spacious and multi-phased, abruptly alternating between droning organ textures and skittering synth sequences. Judging also from past singles, “Problem Areas” and “Zebra,” ┬áthis decidedly formless esthetic seems to be the one OPN is embracing for his upcoming Warp Records debut, R Plus Seven, due out September 30.

OPN’s remix can be found on the deluxe edition of Hesitation Marks, out now via Columbia. Check out the review below:

Mark Pritchard – “1234″ ft. Ragga Twins

UK electronic music producer Mark Pritchard has a new track out simply titled “1234.” The beat has a nice choppiness to it, but guest act Ragga Twins lends the instrumental a pretty smooth, groovy jungle esthetic, as well. Enjoy!

“1234″ will be featured on Pritchard’s upcoming EP Lock Off, which is scheduled for release on September 2 via Warp.

Oneohtrix Point Never – “Still Life” (Excerpt)

The tracks of experimental music producer Daniel Lopatin, a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never-, are difficult enough to make heads or tails of on their own–much less in the form of a three-minute excerpt accompanied by incredibly abstract visuals.

Right now, Lopatin’s next album, R Plus Seven, is looking at an Oct. 1st release date on Warp Records, and the track “Still Life” is projecting this thing to be even more difficult than it’s sample-heavy predecessor. Check a review for that album below, and enjoy the excerpt!

Bibio – Silver Wilkinson

Bibio’s latest full-length might be one of his most consistent yet, filtering this UK producer’s versatile talents through a dreamy, sedate lens.


Mount Kimbie – “You Took Your Time” ft. King Krule (LOVED)

UK electronic music duo Mount Kimbie has been building up to the release of their next full-length album, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, with a series of different tracks, and the one streaming above–in my opinion, duh–is easily the most captivating thus far. The duo pulls together a pretty minimal beat, placing some sad, miniature synths against a an even smaller beat. What brings the track an incredible presence is some vocal work from King Krule, whose performance blends the borders separating rapping, spoken word, and singing in a pretty emotional way. Enjoy, and check a review for King Krule’s self-titled EP below:

Bibio – “You”

A new track from the forthcoming Bibio album, Silver Wilkinson, which is gonna be released on Warp records later this year. On previous releases, the UK produced showed himself to be a jack of all trades when it comes to influences and musical emulation. On this latest track of his, “You,” Bibio ventures out on a more hip hop-influenced endeavor with a punchy beat and methodically splattered soul samples. The track is seductive and detailed. Enjoy!

Check a review for Bibio’s Mind Bokeh below:

!!! – “One Girl/One Boy”

!!! drops another set of infectious dance beats and funky, synth-led grooves on the track “One Girl/One Boy.” It’s from the band’s forthcoming LP, THR!!!ER. The album is dropping via Warp at the end of April. Enjoy!

Check out the previously released “SLYD” here.

Mount Kimbie – “Made To Stray”

Electronic music duo Mount Kimbie drops a new track titled “Made To Stray,” which is going to be featured on the forthcoming Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. The LP will be released on Warp toward the end of may. Enjoy!