Colin Stetson – “High Above A Grey Green Sea”

Saxophone avant-gardist Colin Stetson is gearing up to release a new full-length this April through Constellation, and it’s no surprise that the title is New History Warfare Vol 3: To See More Light. This Warfare series is really growing to become modern music’s most interesting exploration of horn music, and this next LP should be an interesting installment due to some contributions from Justin Vernon and what’s going to be Stetson’s longest song to date–according to CoS.

Stream the first track to drop from this new LP via the widget above, “High Above A Grey Green Sea.”

Circle Takes the Square – Decompositions: Volume Number One

Screamo outfit Circle Takes the Square are back with their first full length in about 8 years.



Nadja- Dagdrom

Nadja is a ambient doom metal duo who hail from Toronto, although, it began as solo project of Aidan Baker.

The duo has a startlingly full sound that can easily encompass an entire room with the heavy drones of the guitar and dramatic volume shifts. It creates an entrancing musical experience which is the clear marker of a job well done when it comes to a genre such as this. The heavier aspects combined with the ambient shoegaze elements creates a sound that I can only describe as horrible nightmarish fever dream, but in a good way. There are some extremely menacing sounds here that seem to just drone on forever in a lot of cases, again, that’s a good thing in this scenario.

Small Professor- Gigantic, Vol. 1

I actually tweeted about this album yesterday, and the good people at Potholes In My Blog let me know it’s available to be streamed in full via SoundCloud. Nice!

Gigantic, Vol. 1 is the latest album from Philadelphia producer Small Professor. It’s one of those LPs that features the production of one, but the mic skills of many. I’m usually on the fence with albums like this, because the skills and personalities of the MCs involved ends up varying so much. However, Small Professor does his best to keep things consistent and cohesive. Stream the album above, and grab a copy of it here.

Teebs- “Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)”


Electronic music producer Teebs will be dropping a new release on November 8th via Brainfeeder. Though I wasn’t in love with this last album, Ardour, there were still some tracks that drew up some pretty interesting sounds.

I’m feeling that way about the first track to drop from Teebs’ forthcoming mini-album, too. The quirky, Laurie Johnson-esque melodies feel like they’d fit snugly into the theme for a vintage sci-fi radio program. The beat is pretty pleasant, too.

The song’s title is “Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version),” and the mini-album’s title is Collections 01. Like the number implies, this is going to be a bit of an ongoing series here.