Orbweaver – Strange Transmissions From The Neuralnomicon

Try out this new EP from Florida technical death metal band Orbweater. The title certainly is a mouthful: Strange Transmissions From The Neuralnomicon. You’re in for some fast, dizzying, interstellar guitars on this one. The playing is consistently flashy, but it usually only adds up into making these songs weirder and weirder. Orbweaver’s music may be grim, but also sounds like it takes place in the deepest recesses of space. Imagine the bloodiest slasher flick taking place on a stranded spaceship, and you’ll be most of the way there.

Stream Neuralnomicon above, and grab a vinyl copy of it here.

I Come To Shanghai- “Another Holiday / Favorite Drug”

Georgia duo I Come To Shanghai has released a song from their upcoming album Eternal Life Volume 2, which is set for release this month. The track has a really dreamy presentation, and it’s layered with sliding guitars and airy synthesizers. The vocals contribute to this feeling using harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys or Animal Collective. They make a number of seamless transitions musically as well–especially near the end where the song transforms into a catchy synth-pop jam. The grooves these guys are producing are pretty impeccable and show a lot of prowess within their particular brand of psychedelic music.

Eternal Life Volume 1 was released July last year and is available to download at their website http://icometoshanghai.com/. The band also has kickstarter to release both volumes of Eternal Life on a vinyl LP. The campaign has reached its goal, but you can still donate here if you’re interested in one.

Future Islands- “In the Inkwell” ‡ STREAM

I didn’t give Future Islands‘ latest album the most lavish of scores when I reviewed it, but they’ve still got some of the most captivating vocals I’ve heard all year. The band has a new split 7” on the way, and you can stream their side below. The track is “In the Ink Well,” and the twinkling synths and rough vocals create a really sensual atmosphere. Stream the song below and get the peach-colored vinyl at Friends Records.