Vessel- Order of Noise

While Vessel does create a pretty consistent and well-groomed style on this album, which fuses elements of IDM and techno with some of the most shadowy sounds on record, some tracks are clearly more well-developed than others.


Vessel- “Court Of Lions”

If you’re like me, sometimes you like your moody music to be dance flavoured. If you are indeed like me, for one thing, you’re awesome don’t ever change, and you should also probably check out this track from Vessel.

The song starts off with a very simple computer-generated beat, but progresses in complexity as well as danceability. That stripped down beat becomes something really adventurous and deep like it could be explored forever. For the song’s run time it never once feels repetitive this is largely due to the moody nature of it, adding  a fearlessness to strip the song down to a fairly slow tempo more than once. It’s that aspect of this type of music that keeps things interesting rather than tedious.

Order Of Noise is out now.

Vessel- “Scarletta”

A new track from a recent Tri Angle Records signee, Vessel. The dude is a 22-year-old producer from the UK, and he’s set to release material on the label later this year. The sound of this track isn’t too far off what I’d usually expect from Tri Angle: Really dark, murky textures combined with a punchy beat. However, this track’s rhythms get pretty interesting toward the finish of this song; plus, there are some pretty nice soundscape-y sounds flying by in the background, adding a lot to the atmosphere.