Veronica Falls – “Nobody There”

Despite my somewhat lukewarm feelings on the latest album from pop rock outfit Veronica falls, I have to admit the band still manages to pack a lot of punch into a single. “Nobody There” may circle around some jangly chord progressions that are familiar to the band, but the hook is still killer. Enjoy!

Veronica Falls – Waiting For Something To Happen

On this new, sophomore album, Jangle pop outfit Veronica falls works to homogenize their sound, but the issue is that it wasn’t really that diverse in the first place.


Veronica Falls- “Teenage”

After an incredibly sweet and lovable debut album, UK indie pop outfit Veronica Falls is gearing up to release its sophomore album on Slumberland Records this February. “Teenage” is the first track to drop from it, and it’s a slight change in mood for the band, featuring a slightly more upbeat attitude. Even though the band’s sounding a bit sunnier, their chilly boy/girl vocals still remain. There’s a pretty sweet guitar solo that pops in after the first chorus, too. And don’t stop the track until you hear the dramatic, slow-moving finish.

Yeah, the song is basic, simple, and straightforward. It avoids the complications and challenges I usually enjoy in music; but there’s something about the band’s sound that leaves me charmed every time. Let’s see if the magic continues on this new LP.

Veronica Falls- “My Heart Beats”

London pop rock outfit Veronica Falls drops its first single since the release of its 2011 album, Veronica Falls. It was one of my favorite LPs last year, and was so due to its infectious hooks, close vocal harmonies, and moody fall-appropriate atmosphere.

This new track, “My Heart Beats,” is noticeably more sunny. In fact, I’d say the mood of this track and those on the self-titled are almost night and day. The rhythm has a lot more drive to it, the melodies are much more upbeat, the vocals don’t carry any forlorn baggage with them. Yep, this one doesn’t feel dismal at all. It’s definitely the much needed run through a flower-filled field after about a dozen listens or so of the debut album.

The band is currently touring. Find the dates here.

Veronica Falls- Self-Titled

If you love cute rock tunes with a dismal outlook on life, Veronica Falls might be the band for you. Their latest LP is simple, immediate, and catchy. I know it’s easy to get down on something that sounds so easy to execute, but the energy and moody aesthetic that surround this band are something worth admiring to me.

They might not reinvent the styles of rock that influence them–twee and C86, I’m assuming–but they perform it with the fresh approach that the forefathers of this stuff did in the 80s.


Veronica Falls- “Come On Over”

A new video from an English band I currently have a big crush on: Veronica Falls. Their new self-titled album will be out on Slumberland Recs later this fall.

The song in the video above is “Come On Over.” I know it seems like it’s in the same vain of many “twee” and indie rock groups that have come before this group, but I think the songwriting and execution are what makes this group stand out. The light, airy boy girl vocals seem more eerie than cute. The drums are really stripped down, and give the band a Velvet Underground-esque feel. The chord progressions on a lotta these tracks are pretty good, too.

Hear more tracks from the band’s new album on SoundCloud. See some upcoming tour dates on their website as well.

New Slumberland Recs Sampler

A 12-track sampler of the best stuff Slumberland Records has had to offer in 2011, stretching from the new Brilliant Colors album to the LP Crystal Stilts dropped back in April. Enjoy!