Kool A.D. – Not O.K.

Ex-Das Racist MC Kool A.D. drops his umpteenth project with Not O.K., which I’m finding a bit more enjoyable than his other recent releases. His delivery is still pretty absurd and laid back, but this project is sounding a bit more coherent to me. Releases like 19 just seemed too scatterbrained for me to enjoy all the way through. Hopefully, this concise direction and quality production continues into A.D.’s future tapes.

Uncommon Nasa – “Left Coaster” ft. Subtitle, Megabusive, BeOnd, Open Mike Eagle & Gajah

“Left Coaster,” taken from Uncommon Nasa’s Land of the Way It Is, is an ensemble of some of the most prominent figures in underground hip hop. Subtitle, Megabusive, BeOnd, Open Mike Eagle, and Gajah all lay down some speedy, proficient verses that are well-suited to Nasa’s very kinetic production.

Land of the Way It Is is out now via Uncommon Records! Here’s a review courtesy of our friend Myke C-Town.

Phony Ppl- “Statues.”

Try out this opening track to Phony Ppl’s new release, nothinG special., which is available now on Bandcamp. These guys are a rap crew with a lotta heads. They’ve got some great lines flying by on this thing, too. Definitely something smooth, clever, and charismatic going on here.

Stream Ginnels’ Crowns

Stream: Ginnels- Crowns

Stream an entire album of fun, light-hearted, and endearing jangle pop rock from Ireland’s Ginnels. It all comes from the band’s latest album, Crowns, which is twenty freakin’ tracks long; however, the band defends their decision with a lot of variety among the tracks.

There are lo-fi rock anthems, acoustic motifs, and even an odd and messy pump organ ditty. It’s a lot to take in, but Ginnels makes the effort a fun experience.


Point Reyes- Golden

Relying mostly on vibraphone and cello for instrumentation, and bringing some of the strangest vocal deliveries I’ve heard this year, experimental music outfit Point Reyes isn’t afraid of coming off weird. While the melodies enclosed in the songs on this new album, Golden, are very angular, there’s something sweet and soothing about Point Reyes’ overall presentation. Much like Dirty Projectors, they just have a knack for making inaccessible indulgences seem fun and bouncy.

Plus, the group goes in a variety of directions throughout these nine tracks. Singing in different languages, a spoken word piece, baroque pop instrumentation, and some incredibly close-knit vocal harmonies are just a few highlights.

Stream this album in its entirety via the widget above, and pre-order a vinyl copy of the album right here.


With improved production, more original material, more instrumentation, and some intense performances, the new BADBADNOTGOOD album improves on the blueprint of the previous LP in every way.


Zammuto- Self-Titled

On his new self-titled album, ex-Books member Nick Zammuto takes his penchant for playful experimentation to a full band setting.


Daniel Rossen- Silent Hour / Golden Mile

I wish Silent Hour / Golden Mile was longer, but I still have to admit singer-songwriter Daniel Rossen has pulled together a solid collection of solo material on this 5-track EP. The man’s tunes are some of the most masterful in independent music right now.


Lute- West1996

Between this mixtape cover and the sound of his music, Lute takes his love of gritty, hardcore 90s hip hop pretty seriously. The kid sounds young, but he raps like a veteran street poet who’s seen a few things. Nice flow, tight boom bap beats, and some tangible storytelling. It’s a recipe Lute makes his features follow as well, and the payoff is huge.

Some would call this nostalgic, but I’d like to think it’s a reminder of hip hop’s fundamentals. You can stream this album on Bandcamp. The digital version of the album is available for fifty cents, too.

Milo- “Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria needs your help”

While this track off Milo’s latest mixtape features the same raw and humble characteristics the Wisconsin rapper’s previous efforts, the lyrics here expose private moments in a way that just leaves me with a pile of awkward feelings.