ThisisDA – Super Arkane

UK rapper ThisisDA drops his new mixtape, Super Arkane, which you can download here. While he’s not far along enough just yet to have sculpted his own, unique style, the dude’s delivery gets more and more compelling with each new track. The smooth, grooving instrumentals courtesy of Mankub help as well! Enjoy.

Dea Marica – Curse of the Haunted

A lot of death/doom heaviness packed into this debut album from London metal trio Dea Marica. Throughout Curse of the Haunted, frontman Riccardo Veronese’s voice is exceptionally powerful, whether it be clean and operatic or coarse and growled, and multi-instrumentalist Roberto Mura and drummer Marco craft some weighty, emotional arrangements. Give it a listen in full via the above widget through the group’s Bandcamp.

ThisisDA – “Gridlock”

ThisisDA’s new video for “Gridlock” is, like the single it accompanies, chock full of analogue artifacts. The visuals have a worn VHS aesthetic, bleeding/ghosting galore, that pairs nicely with the vinyl crackle of the track’s old-school instrumental (again, courtesy of Mancunian producer Mankub). The track will appear on the Bristol MC’s debut album Super Arkane, due out February 25.

FKA Twigs – “Hide” (live video)

Watch: FKA Twigs – “Hide”

Yours Truly just hosted a music event in a small, lush location of Mexico. This included many performances from various artists and bands, including up-and-coming UK singer/songwriter FKA twigs. In this video, she performs her song “Hide”, and the natural acoustics do wonders for her sound. A minimalist spine of clack percussion and gorgeous, spacious guitar paves the way for twigs to show off her truly stunning voice. It’s evocative stuff.

Nelson – “Rhapsody”

19-year-old Liverpudlian emcee Nelson has a new video out for the song “Rhapsody.” The track is taken from his forthcoming Neo Noir EP and features some deep, heavy bars – in both inflection and subject matter – from Nelson, as well as some dank and stylish visuals credited to someone ¬†by the initials CM and to Nelson himself. Check it out above!

Neo Noir is due out sometime in April.

ThisisDA – “Trippin’”

With the flute-kissed “Trippin’,” previously mentioned Bristol rapper ThisisDA delivers what might be his most colorful track yet. Over the blissful beat, ThisisDA’s flow and sung hook sound positively ecstatic. Another reason to look forward to his debut mixtape Super Arkane, due out next month. Happy listening!

Hud Mo – “Structure” / Lunice – “Steady Flexin”

Here are two tracks that have recently been dropped by LuckyMe Records on YouTube. They were dropping one song a day up ’til Christmas for a li’l while this past December, and Hudson Mohawke & Lunce were among the many producers featured–I think the Lunice track has been floating around for a while, though.

You might also know these guys as the spectacular electronic music duo TNGHT, but their talent still shows in solo capacity. Stream Hud Mo’s track above and Lunice’s below. Go even further down to check a review for TNGHT’s debut EP. Enjoy!

Future of the Left – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident

If you like your rock music to have catchy hooks, wordy verses, and lots of smart-ass remarks, then I see no reason why you won’t dig the new Future of the Left album.

Stream the New Burial EP

Famed electronic music producer, and underground dubstep titan Burial has just dropped a new EP titled Rival Dealer, which is streamable on the Hyperdub Records YouTube channel. Hear the title track above, and you can hear the two remaining songs here and here. Pick up a copy of this new EP over here. Enjoy!

ThisisDA – “Unstoppable”

Bristol rapper ThisisDA packs a lot in a short amount of time with new single “Unstoppable.” The track last only a minute and a half, but features a sweet, jazzy instrumental from Ecstra Kool and a compelling set a bars from ThisisDA (a teetotal himself), detailing a man in a troubled relationship with an alcoholic girlfriend.

“Unstoppable” is further evidence that the young MC has a keen ear for beats and a gift for storytelling.¬†However, it will not be on ThisisDA’s upcoming debut album Super Arkane, which is due out later this month.