Alt-J – “Every Other Freckle”

Previously loved UK art pop outfit Alt-J drops yet another song from their forthcoming LP, This Is All Yours. The release date: September 22nd via Infectious.

Unlike the previously released songs off this new album, “Every Other Freckle” seems to be more in line with Alt-J’s previous output. There’s a heavy bassline matched with some equally lumbering drum beats, and atop that are the odd, soulful vocals of guitarist-vocalist Joe Newman.

The hook is great, and as the song progresses, the band manages to build the intensity up with more percussive and melodic layers. Alt-J writes catchy, upfront tracks, but their refined approach to arranging their instrumentation is what continues to keep them interesting.

Slugdge – Gastronomicon

A f-fun death metal album? Sure, they exist – the new Slugdge record Gastronomicon is one of them. If you’re unfamiliar with the UK duo consisting of guitarist Kev Pearson and lyricist/vocalist Matt Moss, then allow me to explain: they make music about interstellar slugs and are on a mission to “cover the world of man in a viscous goo.” But I’ve gotta say as ridiculous as the twosome’s concept comes across on paper, it amounts to a staggeringly captivating alternate reality for the run-time of this sophomore LP of theirs. The lyrics of Gastronomicon come off not as parody, but as a surprisingly imaginative mythology. Moreover, the compositions are rather progressive and the production is stellar - this is a properly heavy listen. Hopefully you can get past (or better yet, embrace) the campy concept, because otherwise you’ll be missing out on one of the year’s most enjoyable death metal releases so far.

Gastronomicon is out now with the blessing of Mollusca the Greatfather.

Scuba – “Choke”

Hotflush Recordings founder Scuba drops a track from his forthcoming Phenix 2 EP, which features four new tracks on it. As expected, this cut features a strong 4/4 groove, loads of ethereal sound effects, and the musical progressions are incredibly slow and subtle. It’s electronic tension building at its finest–especially as the track reaches a boisterous highpoint at the 4:03 mark. Enjoy!

Kate Tempest – “Circles”

Kate Tempest is a spoken word artist and playwright hailing from South London, who last year won the Ted Hughes Award for her epic poem Brand New Ancients. But her talents also extend to rap music. She put out her Dan Carey-produced full-length debut Everybody Down last month via Big Dada. You can stream the album in full on the label’s YouTube channel; above we’ve linked one of its highlights, the catchy “Circles.” Happy listening!

Vallenfyre – Splinters

The UK’s Vallenfyre brings together a slew of different death metal styles on this sophomore record of theirs, and feeds them through some incredibly heavy, pummeling production.

ThisisDA – Super Arkane

UK rapper ThisisDA drops his new mixtape, Super Arkane, which you can download here. While he’s not far along enough just yet to have sculpted his own, unique style, the dude’s delivery gets more and more compelling with each new track. The smooth, grooving instrumentals courtesy of Mankub help as well! Enjoy.

Dea Marica – Curse of the Haunted

A lot of death/doom heaviness packed into this debut album from London metal trio Dea Marica. Throughout Curse of the Haunted, frontman Riccardo Veronese’s voice is exceptionally powerful, whether it be clean and operatic or coarse and growled, and multi-instrumentalist Roberto Mura and drummer Marco craft some weighty, emotional arrangements. Give it a listen in full via the above widget through the group’s Bandcamp.

ThisisDA – “Gridlock”

ThisisDA’s new video for “Gridlock” is, like the single it accompanies, chock full of analogue artifacts. The visuals have a worn VHS aesthetic, bleeding/ghosting galore, that pairs nicely with the vinyl crackle of the track’s old-school instrumental (again, courtesy of Mancunian producer Mankub). The track will appear on the Bristol MC’s debut album Super Arkane, due out February 25.

FKA Twigs – “Hide” (live video)

Watch: FKA Twigs – “Hide”

Yours Truly just hosted a music event in a small, lush location of Mexico. This included many performances from various artists and bands, including up-and-coming UK singer/songwriter FKA twigs. In this video, she performs her song “Hide”, and the natural acoustics do wonders for her sound. A minimalist spine of clack percussion and gorgeous, spacious guitar paves the way for twigs to show off her truly stunning voice. It’s evocative stuff.

Nelson – “Rhapsody”

19-year-old Liverpudlian emcee Nelson has a new video out for the song “Rhapsody.” The track is taken from his forthcoming Neo Noir EP and features some deep, heavy bars – in both inflection and subject matter – from Nelson, as well as some dank and stylish visuals credited to someone  by the initials CM and to Nelson himself. Check it out above!

Neo Noir is due out sometime in April.