Greys – “Use Your Delusion”

Dammit! Carpark Records beat me to all the adjectives I was going to use to describe this new song from Toronto loud rock/post-hardcore band Greys. “Caustic. Brash. Noisy. Abrasive. Dissonant. Melodic. Sarcastic. Explosive.” Yep, “Use Your Delusion” is certainly all those things. So was the song they dropped a month ago, “Guy Piccioto.” I surmise all those words pretty accurately describe all of the group’s forthcoming full-length debut If Anything, out June 17 via the aforementioned Carpark Records. If you’ve dug these singles and those adjectives, then you ought to head on over to Greys’ Bandcamp page, where there are three solid EPs that will further whet your appetite for the album. Enjoy!

Oh, did I mention they’re a loud rock band from Toronto? That apparently demands restatement.

BADBADNOTGOOD – “Can’t Leave The Night”

BADBADNOTGOOD share another piece of original material from their forthcoming third album. “Can’t Leave the Night” doesn’t quite answer the questions that “CS60” left us with, but that arguably makes it all the more compelling. The sounds are still lush as all get out and the playing is fucking tight, of course. Maybe I’d like to see the trio go for some bigger, more climactic moments, but what we’ve seen so far from this new project is certainly promising.

Look out for III, dropping May 6 via Innovative Leisure. In the meantime, revisit the jazz fusion magic of BBNG2:

Odonis Odonis – “New Obsession”

Odonis Odonis are ready to deliver another round of anthemic post-punk on upcoming album Hard Boiled Soft Boiled. However, the LP is apparently split into two halves, with the first being decidedly more hard-hitting than the second. Like the lead single, “Are We Friends,” this new track, “New Obsession,” is taken from the Hard Boiled side, with a composition that fuses thudding industrial with clamorous post-punk. It’s another killer song, and hopefully we’ll get a taste for the Soft Boiled side before the album drops April 15 (via Buzz Records).

Odonis Odonis – “Are We Friends”

Fresh from its recent tour with METZ, Toronto punk trio Odonis Odonis have a new single out titled “Are We Friends.” The track’s thudding industrial beat, piercing guitar tones, sonorous vocals and powerful hook add up to an exceptionally anthemic piece of post-punk. Check it out above!

Northumbria – “Black Sea of Trees”

Black Sea of Trees 720P from Marc Forand on Vimeo.

Trees, trees, and more trees in the unnerving new music video from Toronto drone duo Northumbria. Armed with only a guitar and a bass, the act compromised of former Holocene members Jim Field and Dorian Williamson is able to pull together some truly expansive and ominous aural landscapes.

The 13-minute-long piece can also be streamed and downloaded here.


Canadian jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD drop a new original via their YouTube channel titled “Hedron,” and it’s one of the band’s more contemplative tracks. It can be downloaded via, and I have reason to believe these guys should be dropping something later this year, so keep an ear out that for that.

Also, check a review of BBNG’s last full-length below:

Jim Guthrie – Takes Time

Use the widget above to stream the new full-length LP from Toronto singer-songwriter Jim Guthrie. The dude may not be a household name–well, I guess his last name is–but he’s been active in music for about 20 years now. He’s got a lengthy list of projects and albums to prove it, too.

Jim isn’t your average facial hair-sporting guitar strummer. Jim is lyrically focused, melodically concise, and this tracks on this latest album of his are nicely produced as well with shimmering guitars and finely played strings. Give a listen, and enjoy!

Nadja- Dagdrom

Nadja is a ambient doom metal duo who hail from Toronto, although, it began as solo project of Aidan Baker.

The duo has a startlingly full sound that can easily encompass an entire room with the heavy drones of the guitar and dramatic volume shifts. It creates an entrancing musical experience which is the clear marker of a job well done when it comes to a genre such as this. The heavier aspects combined with the ambient shoegaze elements creates a sound that I can only describe as horrible nightmarish fever dream, but in a good way. There are some extremely menacing sounds here that seem to just drone on forever in a lot of cases, again, that’s a good thing in this scenario.

Cancer Bats – Dead Set On Living

Toronto hardcore outfit Cancer Bats has released its 4th LP Dead Set On Living. The band has always had energetic and dirty sound, and it still stands out; however, this time the tracks have a more distinct personality, something they’ve struggled with in the past. They sound more mature in their arrangements and the vocals are sharper this time around. It’s like daggers going straight into your ear canal, but in a good way.

With all these improvements that make the songs seem fuller, some of the lyrical inconsistencies do stand out. While sometimes they are effective at capturing the sloppy, grungy atmosphere their music does so well, it occasionally feels like they are trying too hard. What they lack in lyrical consistency they make up for sheer blood-pumping energy.


Ian Kamau- One Day Soon

Toronto rapper Ian Kamau’s latest album, One Day Soon, is streaming on Bandcamp, and it’s a great listen if you love your hip hop to have a sense of purpose. What I mean to say is this dude has a pretty sharp lyrical eye on the way the world works, and he’s not afraid to wear his philosophy on his sleeve.

The production is pretty nice, and the guy really has a unique cadence to his voice, too. An interesting listen, for sure.