Torche – “Minions”

Every time I listen to Torche, I catch myself thinking how much cooler they would sound if they dropped a bit of screamo to match the bassy, grinding, sludge metal-influenced guitar lines that have become their signature sound. However, I must remind myself that not every sludge metal band wants to sound like EyeHateGod. In fact, Torche have built up such a unique sound that it would be a bit unfair to compare them to any other band or genre.  Guitarist and vocalist Steve Brooks said himself how he didn’t consider Torche a metal band, and although that’s debatable, their peculiar sound and aesthetic has some difficulty being labelled.

It’s been two years since the release of their last album, Harmonicraft, and with a new album on the horizon, Restarter, the time has come to sample the new single, “Minions.” The track is a direct reference to their sludge roots, with a heavy, dragging bass line held back by some Sabbath-style hat/snare percussion. Each verse ends with a slurred “come my minions,” which I can just imagine being powerfully shouted in unison with the crowd in concerts to come. The song isn’t particularly progressive, a bit of a throwback really, but that doesn’t mean the next album will be just another Torche album.

- Fin Worrall

Torche – “Keep Up”

Florida’s Torche is back with a band new single which will be getting a vinyl release via the Volcom Entertainment Vinyl Club. Stream the track above, and check out a review for band’s last full-length, Harmonicraft, below:


Stream the New Stallone EP

Instrumental stoner rock outftit Stallone has a new EP that came out this past October. If this kinda music is up your alley, you may already be familiar with guitarist Juan Montoya due to his contributions to the band Torche on albums like Meanderthal. However, since leaving the band, it seems Stallone has become a primary focus, and it shows in the production and songwriting quality, which has greatly improved since the last EP I heard from these guys.

This EP is available on Limited Fanfare.


Torche- “Kicking”

Torche drops some entertaining visuals for one of the best tracks from the Florida band’s latest album, Harmonicraft. The video here takes a humorous approach toward depicting a game of America’s greatest pastime: Kickball. There’s love, triumph, matching outfits, and concussion-induced hallucinations. This video’s got everything!

Look for Torche’s new album on Volcom.

Torche- Harmonicraft

Thought Torche’s stomping grounds are firmly rooted in loud rock and metal, the band’s latest album is so bright, catchy, and sweet, even the most biggest of metal cynics can get something out of it.


Torche- “Reverse Inverted”

Although it’s probably safe to say that sludge metal quartet Torche has been heading in a progressively more pop-inflected direction throughout the past few years, that’s not to say that they have sacrificed ambition as a result. On “Reverse Inverted,” the second track to drop from the band’s upcoming LP, the band proves this by combining frontman Steve Brooks’ catchy vocal approach with riffs that experiment with unconventional time signatures. One of the track’s strongest moments comes with the closing riff, which sees the band lock into a relentlessly engaging groove, then introduce a particularly euphoric guitar melody that carries the song to a close.

You heard “Kicking,” and now we have “Reverse Inverted,” which you can hear above. Look forward to an April 24 release date for Torche’s third album, Harmonicraft, via Volcom.

Torche- “Kicking”

With guitars loud enough to pierce the ears of the Gods, here’s a new track from Florida sludge metal outfit Torche. It’s off the band’s forthcoming LP, Harmonicraft. It’ll be out on Volcom–uh, yeah, Volcom–on April 24th.

Over the course of its career, Torche has been treading further and further into sweeter territories with their loud and pummeling sounds. Though this new track–and, well, most of the tracks from the band’s releases that have come after Meanderthal–doesn’t get my blood pumping, the mixture of both heavy and beautiful sounds is a blissful and pleasing direction for this band. Looking forward to the new LP!