Hud Mo – “Structure” / Lunice – “Steady Flexin”

Here are two tracks that have recently been dropped by LuckyMe Records on YouTube. They were dropping one song a day up ’til Christmas for a li’l while this past December, and Hudson Mohawke & Lunce were among the many producers featured–I think the Lunice track has been floating around for a while, though.

You might also know these guys as the spectacular electronic music duo TNGHT, but their talent still shows in solo capacity. Stream Hud Mo’s track above and Lunice’s below. Go even further down to check a review for TNGHT’s debut EP. Enjoy!

TNGHT – “Acrylics”

Stream: TNGHT – “Acrylics”

The infamous banger-producer electronic music duo known as TNGHT has dropped a new track titled “Acrylics,” which you can stream via the link above. It’s got a pretty nice build that features a pleasant music box melody backed with bright synths. The drop, however, isn’t one of their best. While it is loud and heavy, the wailing synth line seems a bit obvious in a world of post-”Harlem Shake” hype. Still, it makes the final ascent of the track no less epic. I’m diggin’ it, and I hope you do as well!

Top-50 Singles of 2012

Here is a YouTube playlist of all the songs that made this list.


Toronto jazz fusion trio BADBADNOTGOOD caught on tape covering TNGHT at Mad Decent’s Block Party. A perfect storm of awesome, if you ask me. I wonder if a cover of this will make it onto BBNG’s next album. Hmmmm…

TNGHT- “Bugg’n”

TNGHT drops a new video for the track “Bugg’n,” which features a myriad of visuals. There’s nightmarish depictions of a child’s room and toys; loads of live footage of the duo performing; there are some dark city streets as well. Heck, you can even see a dude in a Needle Drop t-shirt at 2:25.

The video is good, and I get kudos to Dominic Flannigan and Peter Marsden on directing and editing. Check out a review I did of TNGHT’s new EP right here.

Watch This 45-Minute Boiler Room Set Featuring Lunice!

It’s straight, bass-blowing fire on this 45-minute Boiler Room performance brought by one half of TNGHT, Lunice. Loving the beats he’s pulling together here, and it’s stellar to see he physically gives off the kind of energy his music showcases.

TNGHT- Self-Titled EP

On TNGHT’s debut EP, Hudson Mohawk and Lunice pull together five of 2012′s most essential bangers.


TNGHT- “Higher Ground” (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice)

Let’s get one thing straight: Next week, There is no release I’m looking forward to reviewing more than the new TNGHT EP. The EP is self-titled and will be out on Warp Records.

TNGHT is basically the collaboration of Hudson Mohawke and Lunce. Both producers have a history of producing some real bangers, and I mean B-A-N-G-E-R-S! Joining forces for five full tracks on this upcoming release, these guys only seem to be pushing one another to take everything one step further.

Energy, energy. Bass, bass. Drops, drops, BANG, BANG, BANG!

Insanity, hello, my name is Anthony. It’s nice to finally meet.