The Roots – …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin ft. The Daily Guru

The new Roots album is easily the band’s dreariest album yet, but it’s also their most inconsistent.

Freddie Gibbs- “The Hard” ft. Dana Williams

Indiana gangsta rapper Freddie Gibbs has dropped a new song featuring Dana Williams, which effectively lives up to its name “The Hard.”

Gibbs like many other artists of the sort gives off an air of toughness that is undeniable even down to his gruff voice. He does this just as well as anybody else, but he delivers a sort of realism to his words that doesn’t exactly feel like he is trying glorify that kind of lifestyle. The track actually feels like it would totally fit in with the last album from The Roots, Undun, right down to the production. It has that identical sad undertone to it that when it came to Undone, it was because you already knew how the story ended. Above all else Gibbs has managed to deliver the gritty verses necessary to compliment that production.

Nneka- “God Knows Why” ft. Black Thought

Great track from Nneka featuring Black Thought from The Roots. Both these artists are known for having topical, hard-hitting lyrics and this track is definitely holding to true to that form as both of them talk about the nature of man and evil. The beat hits really hard with a solid bass line and snare heavy percussion, that builds into a solid guitar riff for the hook. It’s the production that really kinds the theme of the song across making the lyrical impact much heavier. I think there needs to be more tracks with Black Thought, please.

Soul Is Heavy is available now.

The Roots- Undun

The Needle Drop and Dead End Hip Hop collaborate on a brand new review of the Roots’ latest effort, Undun.


The Roots- Undun

A stream of the new Roots album, Undun, which is dropping December 6th. Thanks for NPR Music for the listen! Hear the entire album via the widget below:

The Roots- “Make My” ft. Big K.R.I.T.

A new track from the Roots, whose last album, How I Got Over, was one of my favorite albums of 2010. The Roots’ next album will be titled Undun, and it’s looking at a December 6th release date.

The first track to drop from this LP, “Make My,” features Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T., which is a match made in heaven from the sound of this track. Though the verses on this song are short, I love the jazzy interlude the band goes in toward the end. Awesome stuff.


John Legend and the Roots- Wake Up! ‡ REVIEW

I recently reviewed this new Roots & John Legend collab for Check it via the link below:

Review: John Legend and the Roots- Wake Up!

The Roots- How I Got Over ‡ REVIEW

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