Shaking The Habitual – The Interview

As you know by now the new album from The Knife is a pretty insane electronic pop ride, and now they’re giving a look inside their minds with this new interview, which is also about as crazy as you’d expect.

It really feels like this whole video was directed by David Lynch there is loop rewind and slowed down noises and confusing, but symbolic imagery as the Swedish duo talk of their experiences in making music and how they never intended to make another album. It also gives you a peek into the bands motivation behind their music and the messages they want to put out, definitely worth a look for nearly anyone even if you are not a fan, these are two very interesting people.

Check a review of the new Knife album below:

The Knife – Shaking The Habitual

On the Knife’s latest full-length, the Swedish electronic music duo goes absolutely insane with a 98 minute album that features a ton of long, linear art pop tracks that overload the senses and challenge expectations.


The Knife – “A Tooth For An Eye” (LOVED)

Swedish electronic duo, The Knife, is firing on all cylinders with this new sonically pleasing track.

The Knife have never feared doing their own thing, and are continuing to put out great electronic tracks with almost every outing, this song certainly keeps that up. I cannot believe how this track manages to hit every note to make it the ultimate ear pleaser. A lot of the sounds produced make me think of more a dance-like version of the trance music Moonface was going for on Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped. The chopped and high sung vocals really give it a feeling that purely belongs to The Knife at this point, it even feels reminiscent of tribal singing at points, all making for a very cool and pleasing listen.

Flaming Lips, Voivod, Nails, The Knife, Bleeding Rainbow, and more w/the Quickness

Yet again, a group of mentions and cursory reviews of things I didn’t get a chance to talk about this past week!


The Knife – “Full of Fire”

Finally, we get the full 9-minute experience with the new Knife track that’s been gathering a lot of hype this past week, and it’s not exactly the pop experience that cursory fans were probably crossing their fingers for. Such is life!

Honestly, the Swedish electronic music duo hover closer to the experimental direction they went with in 2010 with the Tomorrow, In A Year LP with Planningtorock and Mt. Sims.

“Full of Fire” isn’t exactly avant-garde opera, but it does contain some noisy, repetitive rhythms set against some flairs of noise and strange synthesizers. The track’s strong dance flavor almost sounds like it could be something DFA Records would have on its record label–I guess all it’s missing is a post-punk vibe.

Oh, yeah, and I have no idea what to make of the video.

The knife’s next record, Shaking The Habitual, is currently looking at an April 8th release date.

iamamiwhoami- KIN

Though clearly influenced by artists like the Knife, Portishead, and Björk, iamamiwhoami manages to pull together some very captivating and eccentric synth pop songs on her debut album.