Zammuto – Anchor

Nick Zammuto follows his self-titled 2012 album up with a more subtle winter record.

Zammuto – “Great Equator”

Nick Zammuto–formerly of The Books–has a new solo album on the way. As you may recall, I dug this dude’s last full-length, so, of course, I’m looking forward to what he’s going to be dishing up on this latest record of his. The title: Anchor. It’s currently looking at a Sept. 2nd release date on Temporary Residence Limited.

“Great Equator” is a chilly, serene ballad with plenty of throbbing electronics hanging in the background. It’s a track that subtly hypnotizes, but then it knocked me out of that funk with some jagged, angular synth melodies. The swelling instrumentation on the back end of the track is quite nice, too. Really psyched to see what sonic adventures Nick embarks on with this album!

Zammuto – “Need Some Sun”

It would seem that ex-The Books member Nick Zammuto has a second album–huh?–on the way. Not only does this video note that, but the single above is essentially all the proof you need.

“Need Some Sun” is one of Zammuto’s smoothest tracks yet, not really showcasing a lot of the strange, over-the-top eccentricities that were featured on his full-length debut. What seems most consistent about this track are Zammuto’s esoteric and personal lyrics, which are backed up with tense but quiet percussion and bass. The bassline actually reminds me a bit of something I’d hear Tool toy with back in the 90s–yes, of course I mean that in a good way!

Check a glowing review of Zammuto’s debut full-length below:

Zammuto- “The Shape of Things to Come”

Zammuto drops a new video in support of its (uh, his?) latest album on Temporary Residence Limited. Check our review for the album here.

Zammuto- Idiom Wind EP

On his latest EP, the Books member Nick Zammuto deals in the same experimental sounds that made his main band’s previous album so great. I will say the singer-songwriter element of the three songs on this release is more prevalent, though.


Zammuto- Idiom Wind EP

Click the widget above and grab a full stream of the new Zammuto EP, Idiom Wind. Zammuto is, of course, Nick Zammuto of the experimental music duo the Books. This new EP is out now via the UK label Make Mine, and features an exciting combination of original instrumentation, samples, and noise.

Stream Zammuto’s New Single

Just a few days ago, I was hyping the new single Zammuto is set to drop next month in the UK. Well, now you can stream the whole thing via SoundCloud. Nice!

Zammuto- “Idiom Wind”

Nick Zammuto, one half of the experimental music duo the Books, is releasing some solo material this December via a new single on Make Mine.

The Books’ late album, which was one of my favorite albums of 2010, was a surprising turn for the duo considering the increased use in vocals–not sampled, of course–in the music. Zammuto seems to be heading further down that road with his solo material.

With “Idiom Wind,” I can’t say much other than this: I find this song to be really beautiful. The swelling throbs of strings, dry drums, and the earnest vocals just come together into something warm, pretty, and well-arranged. I’m excited to hear what else Zammuto’s got coming down the pipe now!

This project also got some tour dates line up for 2012. Check ‘em:

Feb 3: Mass MOCA, North Adams, MA
Feb 4: 92YTribeca, New York, NY
Feb 6: Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA

The Books Hit Daytrotter

Following the release of last year’s the Way Out, which was one of my favorite 2010 albums, the Books spent a day last week recording a session with the good people at Daytrotter.

Follow the link below and hear four tracks, which include “Tokyo” and “Free Translator”:

The Books @ Daytrotter

And here’s a video for one of my favorite tracks from the Books’ latest album, the Way Out, “I Didn’t Know That”:

Zammuto- “Yay”


Nick Zammuto, member of the The Books, has a personal project. Fans of arty, glitchy cut-up music could be pleased by this first track, “Yay.” Others might be bemused, or irritated, by the by-the-numbers digital splicing offered here. Either way, if your appetite is whetted, Zammuto says his new ensemble should be ready to play live by the end of the year.