Four Tet – “Parallel Jalebi”

As we’ve already mentioned, electronic music producer Four Tet has a new album coming out titled Beautiful Rewind, and there’s a new track from it streaming above. While it maintains the particularly rigid assembly of electronic sequences that have been prevalent in Tet’s recent works, it does smooth things out a bit with some beautiful female vocal samples. Enjoy!

Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus

With Slow Focus, Fuck Buttons delivers more interesting electronic sounds and grooves, but continues to neglect the pursuit of interesting melodies and progressions.


Ten Walls – “Gotham”

Some classy, nocturnal, and introspective techno and deep house coming through on the track “Gotham” from the new Ten Walls EP, of the same title. Enjoy, and grab a copy here.

James Holden – The Inheritors

Even though I’m not completely in love with the new James Holden album, I am impressed by the simultaneously primeval and futuristic vibe he’s been able to evoke on most of the tracks here.


James Holden – “The Inheritors”

Some wonderfully hypnotic and chilly techno from James Holden’s latest full-length, The Inheritors, which is out now on Border Community. Enjoy!

Dense & Pika – “Move Your Body Back”

New from Hotflush Recordings, this latest single from Dense & Pika carries a dark tone with it’s hypnotic grooves and atmospheric synthesizers. Though the vocal sample played throughout this thing is an obvious call to action, the song itself feels too shadowy for a carefree dance session. But, hey, whatever floats your boat. Enjoy!

Jon Hopkins – Immunity

On Immunity, electronic music producer Jon Hopkins focuses in on the worlds of house and techno, fusing the characteristics of these genres with some pretty atmospheric and grandiose keyboards.


Ceephax – Cro Magnox

Ceephax takes a break from his typical acid techno-tinged song production style to create a collection of electronic pieces that sound a bit more epic, cinematic. Numerous cuts of Cro Magnox sound as if they could serve as the perfect soundtrack to a b-movie produced in the 80s–preferably some kind of action, sci-fi hybrid.

Even funkier tracks like “Natural Specturm” have a beautifully eerie quality to them. It’s nice to know that this guy can produce danceable tracks as well as stuff that’s a little more cerebral. Enjoy!

The Knife – Shaking The Habitual

On the Knife’s latest full-length, the Swedish electronic music duo goes absolutely insane with a 98 minute album that features a ton of long, linear art pop tracks that overload the senses and challenge expectations.


Segue – “Snow Dub”

A bit of bouncy, relaxing dub techno off the latest full-length from electronic music producer Segue. Pacifica is the album, and it’s out now via Silent Season.