Phase Fatale – EP

Some icy, dark techno from the new Phase Fatale EP. Stream it above, and keep track of the dude’s future releases and live shows over here. Enjoy!

Caustic Window – Self-Titled

A lost Aphex Twin album from the 90s resurfaces for the whole Internet to hear.

Matrixxman – “The Caravan”

Some dark, atmospheric, chilling techno coming through on this new Matrixxman track, “The Caravan,” which is featured on the b-side of a new EP this guy has coming out via Ghostly Intl. on June 9th.

If you’re looking for cerebral rhythms you can get lost in, here ya go. Enjoy!

Caribou – “Can’t Do Without You”

While we haven’t been head-over-heels for the most recent projects from veteran electronic musician Dan Snaith (Caribou & Daphni), we can’t say he has ever stopped delivering some fantastic dance and techno grooves, and it’s great he’s been able to maintain some slightly experimental tendencies.

I for one am optimistic about his new album under the Caribou handle, Our Love. This lead single “Can’t Do Without You” has a ton of soul and a sweet progression. I really dig the way Snaith uses repetition for the first minute and a half – it gives the climax even more oomph. A killer track; color me hopeful. Listen above and enjoy!

Our Love is due out October 7 via Merge.

Percussions – “Blatant Water Cannon” / “Sext”

On April 28, Four Tet put out two 12″ singles on his TEXT label under his Percussions alias. The singles were “Ascii Bot/Blatant Water Cannon” and “KHLHI/Sext,” both of whose B-sides you can stream above and below. Not a whole lot more to say – it’s the kind of tech-house magic we’ve come to expect from the guy. Remember when he made that beat from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in ten minutes? The dude’s functioning on a higher level.

Also, you might wanna check out this track taken from the concurrently released EP of recent TEXT signee Taraval.

Millie & Andrea – Drop The Vowels

Millie & Andrea is the on-off collaborative project of electronic music producers Miles Whitaker and Andy Stott. They’re finally doing this side-project of theirs big with a new full-length album, which you can stream via the widget above.

It’s a set of eight tracks that are glitchy, textured, and rhythmic explorations of sound. Look out for some jungle-style breakbeats, spacey synth sequences, and hypnotic grooves. Enjoy!


Liars – Mess

Experimental music outfit Liars continue their foray into electronic music with a series of incredibly bold, heavy tech house fusions.

Actress – Ghettoville

Actress’ latest album is like a musical sketchbook filled with intimate, personal experiments with techno, house, and more.

Gesaffelstein – Aleph

Aleph has some pretty hard-hitting tech house highlights, but most of the subdued tracks just simply aren’t as engaging, and only seem like they exist to balance out the aggressive moments here–a lot of which sound very similar.

Jon Hopkins – “Collider”

Electronic music producer Jon Hopkins drops some visuals for the song “Collider,” which is one of the many great tracks from his latest full-length, Immunity, which you can catch a review for below.

The story here seems to follow one girl reliving a nightmarish night at the club that involves some epileptic fits–I’m assuming they’re drug-related–and one of the most aggressive make out sessions I’ve seen in a while. The last third actually becomes slightly uncomfortable to watch as our female protagonist struggles against the grip of some fellow clubgoer who looks like he’s trying to help her–uh, I think.