Young Fathers – “LOW”

Scottish alt-hip hop trio Young Fathers have left me pretty impressed with their creative lo-fi fusions of rap, African music, reggae, and more on the two “tapes” they’ve dropped thus far, but I’ve always thought there was more potential in what the group was offering–especially if the sounds they were working with were more hi-fi. The song “LOW” seems to toy with the idea of that, featuring the best recording I’ve heard on a Young Fathers song yet. The singing, rapping, and primal beat ring through clearly, and give this tender ballad dynamics it needs to move emotions and groove crowds. Watch, listen, and enjoy! Oh, and the trio is already set to drop a new album in February titled DEAD, so look out for that!

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Young Fathers – “Queen Is Dead”

Scottish experimental hip hop outfit Young Fathers drop some visuals for the TAPE TWO track “Queen Is Dead,” and the gritty, black and white closeups that comprise this vid match the sounds presented perfectly. The urgent lyrics, blaring synths, and exited shouts of “WOO” all have an in-your-face attitude to them I love.

Also, if you watch this thing on YouTube, you get the option of observing it in 3D.

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Young Fathers – “The Guide” (LOVED)

Rap group Young Fathers is finally back with some new tunes after their great mixtape, Tape One.

On “The Guide” they are bringing their mysterious flair and unique style to a brilliant new level. They use a entrancing beat that just circles around in your head forever, or so it feels. What they do to further this effect is with the first MC using whisper quiet vocals that just adds this atmosphere in a hip-hop song that I’ve never felt before. It is unbelievable how much shifting the tone of your voice down can effect the mood of a song, it’s especially apparent when the other MC increases the volume with his voice, which creates a clear tension in the song. Young Fathers continues to impress in every aspect of their craft.

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Young Fathers – “Romance”

The UK’s Young Fathers have dropped some visuals for their reggae-infused track “Romance,” which came off the group’s recently reissued TAPE ONE. I reviewed it a while back very positively, and I’m still convinced it rules, but I’m patiently waiting to hear some kind of followup–especially since they’re now on Anticon!


Young Fathers- “Sister”

Young Fathers drops a video for the track “Sister,” which comes off the UK Trio’s new mixtape, TAPE ONE. I gave the tape a glowing review here, and download a copy of the tape here. Enjoy the visuals!

Young Fathers- Tape One

Young Fathers’ debut tape, Tape One, is as pretty fun, freaky, and lo-fi mix of hip hop. African music, and reggae. Though the release is only 20 minutes long, these tracks make up for it with lots of personality and catchy hooks.


Young Fathers- Tape One

For a group that states “nothing is original” in its first music video, Young Fathers certainly is, well, original. Of course I know the point the UK trio–uh, I think it’s a trio–is trying to make. Still, the blend of hip hop, African music, lo-fi, noise, and electronics the group brings together feels really fresh–not to mention each member showcases some pretty great flows and lyrics.

Check out the group’s video for the track “Rumbling” below, and stream Tape One above. It’s downloadable here, too.

Video: Young Fathers- “Rumbling”