Shortstraw – “Couch Potato”

Shortstraw plays a rough but incredibly upbeat brand of indie rock that could only come from a place like Johannesburg. Their new record even features a song for morning people!

As far as “Couch Potato” goes, it’s a winner of an opening track, and has a pretty hilarious, infectious hook. Enjoy!

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro – “Just To Make Me Feel Good”

Ex-Moldy Peaches member Adam Green and Little Joy’s Binki Shapiro has a new, self-titled collaborative album out, and “Just To Make Me Feel Good” is one of the lovelier tracks on it. It’s just received some visuals via the music video above, and it’s a cute split-screen affair that features images of Binki and Adam mirroring one another in loneliness.

The Keepsies- Dumb Fun

The Keepsies are a New York trio, and among the musicians involved is Jason Kelly of Fergus & Geronimo. If you’ve heard that duo’s work–especially their 2010 album “unlearn.”, the somewhat vintage rock aesthetic the Keepsies projects shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

The heavy level of snark usually associated with Fergus & Geronimo’s music is surprisingly vacant here, which is nice because the band has certainly replaced that with smitten sincerity on tracks like “Saturday” and “Get Back.”

Give a listen to the Keepsies’ three-track EP, Dumb Fun, via the widget above.

Stream the Case Work EP

As summer gradually comes to an end with students returning to school and the night encroaching on the long summer days we’ve grown so attached to in recent months, let’s wave bon voyage to the season with just the right soundtrack. Based out of Sanford, Florida, Case Work is the indie pop project of Chandler Strang. On Case Work’s free to download self-titled EP, you’ll find plenty of hearty cheers and talk of sunshine but like all timeless summer music, Case Work understands that summer is ephemeral. The track “Amazon” might open with guitars so bright you have to wear shades but it ends with a moody, almost post-punk coda. By simply comparing the energetic and unhinged vocal delivery of the opener “Slow (Down, Start Living More)” to the more subdued (but still effervescent) vocals on the closing track “Horizon Glow,” it’s evident that Case Work had a sense of progression in mind when creating this record. Nevertheless, if you’re in the market for music that can simultaneously capture the best of summer in sonic form while easing you into fall, look no further than Case Work.

Little Dragon- “Sunshine”

Little Dragon drops a stream of a new single, which seems to have been created with some commercial backing from Absolut.

Nevertheless, the band’s usual combo of subtle dance beats, sensual vocals, and sweet synths are here. Check out our review of the album they dropped last year if you’ve got a sec.