Spiritualized- “Little Girl”

The video for Spiritualized’s “Little Girl” is nowhere near as long as the previous music video the band dropped, but that doesn’t mean it’s less cinematic. Actually, a lot like the video for “Hey Jane,” the vid seems to focus in on one person who seems to live a turbulent life. They hang on the fringe, but have a good heart and conscious. They just made some bad decisions, ya know?

Check out a review for Spiritualized’s latest album right here.

Spiritualized- Sweet Heart Sweet Light

While it’s not as psychedelic as more acclaimed Spiritualized albums, Sweet Heart Sweet Light delivers a solid set of songs that return to the band’s best old school ideas, and refines the more straightforward tracks that have been featured on recent releases.


Spiritualized- Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Stream: Spiritualized- Sweet Heart Sweet Light

After the exciting and gargantuan “Hey Jane,” it’s hard to say “no” to a full stream of the new Spiritualized album, Sweet Heart Sweet Light. It’s playing right now via the link above at NPR Music. Look for the album’s official release next week on Double Six Records.

Spiritualized- “Hey Jane”

I can only imagine the difficulties that come with creating a music video for a ten-minute song. Getting most people to listen to a song that long is hard enough, and getting the masses to watch video for it must be even harder.

However, director AG Rojas took this opportunity to tell an incredibly gritty story about a cross-dressing prostitute, strip bar waitress, and mother (uh, father?) of two. Stick around for the ending!

Domino Records has the single for this track out now. Otherwise, look for the release of Spiritualized’s new album, Sweet Heart, Sweet Light, on April 17th.

Spiritualized- “Hey Jane” (Loved)

Spritualized drops a new track from its forthcoming album, Sweet Heart Sweet Light. Currently, the album is looking at an April 16th release date on Double Six Records.

As it’s to be expected, this English band has pulled together another mint piece of psych rock opus. The track starts with some straightforward garage rock guitars matched with a warm bassline. Listless, deadpan vocals bring up the front, and fun, upbeat guitar leads ring out in the background.

The track hits a bit of dissonant, chaotic turbulence in the middle, and then it progresses into a repetitive, Kraut rock-inspired finish that builds into oblivion. Woodwinds bring the track to an epic finish, and I’m left with nothing but a strong desire to listen to the track again.