Karen O and Ezra Koenig – “The Moon Song”

Stream: Karen O and Ezra Koenig – “The Moon Song”

Rolling Stone has a feature about a new studio recording of Karen O’s deeply lovely original song she recorded for Spike Jonze’s melancholy, wonderful film Her from last year. The song is nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song, and if it weren’t for Frozen‘s “Let it Go”, I’d say this has a good shot at winning. Nonetheless, Karen has recorded a clean, delicate studio rendition with guest vocals from Ezra Koenig, and the result is pretty magical.

Listen above via Rolling Stone. And go see Her, it’s really good!

Beastie Boys- “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” ft. Santigold

No matter what the Beasties did, there wasn’t much of a chance they were going to top the video “Fight For Your Right (Revisited).” It’s almost like director Spike Jonze came in knowing that, so he purposely created something on a much smaller scale, literally.

Still, even though every person in this video is played by an action figure, the tiny explosions, cars, and fights all add up to eleven minutes of hilarity. Expect guest appearances from Santigold, a yeti, and zombies.

Watch my review for the Beastie Boys’ latest album here, and grab a copy of it on the trio’s website.