Xibalba – Tierra y Libertad

LA hardcore act Xibalba is back with one of the heaviest, most savage albums you’ll hear this year–though slightly one-dimensional.

Stream Earth’s Primitive and Deadly

One of my favorite metal bands ever has seen fit to put its latest full-length album up on Bandcamp for all to hear and purchase. YES! AMAZING! GREAT! WOW! FANTASTIC! YES! YES! YES!

The music is right there, so I’ll just allow this gloomy, psychedelic monster speak for itself. If this album grips you, make sure to head back into Earth’s discography and check out releases like Bees Made Honey In the Lion’s Skull, Hex, and Earth 2. Enjoy!

Dead In The Dirt – The Blind Hole

This new Dead In the Dirt album features a fantastically heavy mix, making it some of the most pummeling grindcore and powerviolence you’ll hear this year–even if a number of tracks here come off as slightly unmemorable.



Stream: Dead In the Dirt – “No Chain”

The Atlanta, GA powerviolence trio DEAD IN THE DIRT is certainly an intriguing up-and-comer in the world of extreme music. The band pulls together some truly unrelenting and pummeling grindcore and powerviolence tunes, but all while advocating a straight-edge and vegan code of ethics.

Above, you can stream a song from the outfit’s forthcoming debut, The Blind Hole, due for release on August 6th via Southern Lord.

Power Trip – Manifest Decimation

Stream: Power Trip – Manifest Decimation

It’s all-out thrash warfare on this new Power Trip album, Manifest Decimation. The LP is out now, and it’s the band’s first album. It certainly feels like it, too; every track on here is relentless and punk-infused. It really sounds like the band has something to prove! Hit the link above for a full stream of the album, and enjoy!

Xibalba- Hasta La Muerte

Southern California’s Xibalba drags listeners down to the “place of fear” the band’s name references, combining the heaviness of doom and sludge with the aggression of hardcore punk and even metalcore. Sunn O)))’s Greg Anderson shows up on a few tracks, too.


OILTANKER- “Ignorant Bastards”

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OILTANKER is a Hartford d-beat punk band with a loud, aggressive, and crusty reputation. Their guitar tones are a bit thicker than one would expect from a band in this style, which made their latest album, the Shadow of Greed, worth reissue status on Southern Lord Records.

This new incarnation of the Shadow incorporates tracks from the band’s recent Crusades 7″ as well. If unreasonably fierce and atonal hardcore is what you’ve been using to replace your morning coffee, this is the real deal.

“Ignorant Bastards” starts off like a standard d-beat track should, but OILTANKER works to whip the chords, drum fills, and obscured vocals into a tortured and chaotic frenzy.

Listen to some more material from the band on, uh, MySpace

Black Breath- Sentenced To Life

On the band’s sophomore album, Black Breath combines various strains of punk and metal for one of the most abrasive headbanging experiences of 2012.


Black Breath- “Mother Abyss”

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Black Breath is a Seattle band I fell quickly in and out of love with in ’09 and ’10. The adrenaline-pumping riffs on the band’s debut EP on Southern Lord were satisfying, but the band didn’t bring much in the way of momentum or raw energy to its full-length debut, Heavy Breathing. The speed and volume was there, but it just wasn’t doing much for me.

What tracks I’ve heard so far from the outfit’s latest album, Sentenced to Life, are way more appealing. For example, “Mother’s Abyss” features a guitar tone that’s as thick as it is metallic. All the speed, heaviness, and syncopated riffs on the hook actually remind me of Southern Lord labelmates Nails–though Black Breath does stop just short of bringing a clear grindcore influence into their tracks.

Instead, Black Breath works with a more traditional song structure, and finds ways to keep this high level of intensity engaging for just over two minutes.

Wolves In the Throne Room- “Woodland Cathedral”

On September 13th, black metal experimentalists Wolves In the Throne room will be dropping a new album via Southern Lord: Celestial Lineage. And to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be looking to this one. I wasn’t a fan of the band’s output since 2008′s Two Hunters, and it’s mostly because the band had drained its sound of the atmospheric textures that made it so interesting in the first place. What makes the situation funniest is WITTR seemed to be jumping off the atmospheric black metal wagon as loads of unknown bands were jumping on.

But on the first track to drop from this forthcoming album, “Woodland Cathedral,” I’m glad to see a lot of those ethereal elements are coming back. The female vocals that have been in use in previous tracks are coming out stronger on this song as well.