Soap&Skin – Sugarbread 7″

Austrian singer-songwriter Soap&Skin drops a new 7″ of emotionally potent tracks that should hold fans over until something more lengthy comes along.


Soap&Skin – “Sugarbread” (LOVED)

Austrian singer-songwriter Soap&Skin drops a new video in promotion for her latest single, which comes on the tail of an intense and forlorn sophomore album that I loved last year.

“Sugarbread” features the same vocal stylings, but it’s incredibly heavy with organ and orchestral hits of brass and strings. It’s massive from both a sonic and emotional standpoint. You can pre-order a copy of this 7″ here.

Preview Some New Soap&Skin

Right here, you can find a pre-order page for the forthcoming Soap&Skin 7″, which looks like it’s going to feature three new tracks from the Austrian singer-songwriter.

Though it was a short release, Soap&Skin’s Narrow still towers as one of my favorite albums of 2012, which is mostly due to the darkness and emotional intensity of the songs. From the sound of what the embedded widget above offers, it looks like the tracks on this forthcoming release aren’t exactly looking to ease things up either.

The first clip features some horrifying screams and heavy shots of strings and drums. The second features a sweeping string ensemble, and the third seems to be steady piano ballad that feels simultaneously depressing and beautiful.

Soap&Skin- Narrow

With some forlorn vocals and simple pianos, Soap&Skin pulls together a pretty haunting sophomore album.


Soap&Skin- “Boat Turns Toward the Port”

Soap&Skin is the musical project of Austria singer-songwriter Anja Franziska Plaschg. She’s got a new EP on the way titled Narrow.

The track above, “Board Turns Toward The Port,” is the first one to drop from the EP, and it’s absolutely chilling. The combination of Anja’s vocals and this heavy, lumbering beat creates a serious emotional punch–of course, this is only enhanced by putting the music against video of an exploding space shuttle.