IDYLLS – Prayer for Terrene

Previously mentioned noise metal terrorists IDYLLS come through with a new record that actually rivals the hellish sonic pallet of their last release. Hard to believe, isn’t it? I mean, this thing even scratches some of the same itches the latest Indian record did, but a lot more violently, I think.

Get ready for some shrieking guitars, unrelenting blast beats, and some absolutely hideous vocals. Enjoy!

Relic Point – VIXI

Relic Point’s monstrous new LP VIXI is comprised of an hour of sludgy black metal, with elements of drone and doom thrown in for good measure. The Russian outfit proves itself to be adept at crafting downright monolithic pieces, the first two tracks nearing the 10 minute mark and the last track well breaching it. But the band thankfully offers some variety in that regard (mind you, not at all when it comes to aggression!), packing a huge punch as it mostly operates between the five and six minute range, also throwing in a couple of short droning interludes that also manage to come off abrasively. Check this nasty fucker out above!

Lord Mantis – “Body Choke”

Chicago metal outfit Lord Mantis is about to drop their third full-length on April 29th via Profound Lore, and this new track of theirs sets quite a tone.

I first heard of this band a year or so ago when they dropped Pervertor, which was a pretty intense set of blackened sludge songs. Intense, yes, but not all that memorable. However, I’m finding “Body Choke” to be much more gripping, abrasive, and heavy. Man, this track weighs a ton. It’s like slowly being crushed, and might give that new Indian album a run for it’s filthy, disgusting money.

To add to the insanity, this thing is almost nine minutes long, and pummels throughout. Enjoy!


The Body – “Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain”

While I wouldn’t call myself a fan of the experimental metal duo The Body, I have to admit I admire their will to wildly experiment with each new release they put out. With previous releases incorporating choral groups and massive riffs, it would seem electronics are now a logical direction to move in, and the band has brought on music producer Bobby Krlic to make this happen. Assuming the darker side of underground music is your forte, you might already be familiar with Bob’s work under the name The Haxan Cloak. In my opinion, he dropped one of the more terrifying dark ambient records of last year, and he’s bringing a lot of those industrially tinged aesthetics to this new body song as well, “Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain.” Stream it via the widget above, and look out for this new Body album on April 1st via RVNG Intl. The Title: I Shall Die Herer, of course!

Mantar – “White Nights”

Metal duo Mantar drops the crushing and raw “White Nights,” which is a track from the duo’s forthcoming debut album on Svart Records. The title: Death By Burning. Charming, eh?

The LP is dropping next month, and features some heavy production showcasing a seamless blend of doom, sludge, black metal, and more. The music is dark, the vocals are raw, and the riffs are ferocious. Stream “White Nights” above, and twiddle your thumbs while this album gets ready to drop.

MONOLITHS. – “No Love” ft. Charlie Mansion (Death Grips Cover)

The Massachusetts rock outfit MONOLITHS. has a pretty diverse set of covers on this new Bandcamp release they’ve recently dropped, and Death Grips ranks among the handful of artists these guys decided to cover. Their song of choice: “No Love,” which is one of the more frighteningly aggressive tracks off the experimental hip hop trio’s NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Even though the verse riffs seem to be off tempo a tick, it’s a pretty interesting rendition. Enjoy!

Calvaiire – Forceps


Indian – “Directional”

As I said, the new Indian album is shaping up to be slow, sludgy, noisy, and bleak. Just give a listen to the latest track to drop from their next LP, From All Purity, which is dropping on Jan 17th via Relapse. While the track doesn’t feature much in the way of musical variation, there is something hypnotic and tension-building about the slow, methodical approach the song takes. The vocals are pretty wretched as well. Enjoy!

SubRosa – More Constant Than The Gods

More doom outfits should embrace the violin. That’s the lesson to be learned from More Constant than the Gods, the latest album from Salt Lake City experimental metal band SubRosa. The project is comprised of six hulking, behemoths of songs, nearly all breaching the ten minute mark and containing some massive doom metal grooves that nicely complement guitarist Rebecca’s and violinists Kim and Sarah’s forceful vocals. Check it!

If you dig on this, check out the band’s previous album, No Help For The Mighty Ones.