Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams

Even though it leaves me starving for more, Timber Timbre’s latest record features some of the best tracks and instrumentation to ever come out of this project.

White Hinterland – Baby

White Hinterland’s third album is the most instrumentally complex thing I’ve heard this project deliver thus far. Not only that but mastermind Casey Dienel’s voice is sounding better than ever between all of these power piano ballads and dense, soulful art pop tunes.

White Hinterland – “Ring The Bell”

Be sure to check out this beautifully shot music video from White Hinterland for her song ”Ring the Bell.” The Baby highlight is set to imagery of her doing such things as traversing a snowy and icy landscape, dressing and making herself up completely in white in a pure white room furnished with only a mirror, and standing in front of a wall of skulls. Watch it above and enjoy!

Baby is out now via Dead Oceans. It’s pretty stellar:

Beck – Morning Phase

While the more slow, syrupy side of Beck’s discography appeals to many, it never has to me. Morning Phase shows beck returning to the stomping grounds of albums like Mutations and Sea Change, but with instrumentation and tunes that are far more uninteresting.

Sun Kil Moon – Benji

Blue crab cakes.

Chelsea Wolfe – “Feral Love”

You might have seen Chelsea Wolfe’s “Feral Love” recently used in trailer for the fourth season of Game of Thrones. But the song has since gotten its own proper music video, which itself is apparently an excerpt from an upcoming feature-length film called Lone. I haven’t a clue what the hell kind of movie that’s going to be, given some this short’s visuals–why’s someone kissing a crucifix; why’s that dude have blood on his hands; and who the fuck’s that forearm-less, mask-wearing bro at 2:46?! Whatever, it’s a Chelsea Wolfe vid, and in that context, it’s all just pretty bad-ass. Enjoy!

Y’all probably know we loved Pain Is Beauty, but in any case, here’s a reminder:

Mirah – “Oxen Hope”

There’s a feeling I get when one of my favorite artists announces a new record after a long time without one. Four years may not be long in the grand scheme of things, but it has been way too long since Mirah’s excellent 2010 LP (a)spera, and I’m absolutely ecstatic about her announcement of Changing Light, her sixth solo album. The first taste of it comes in the form of “Oxen Hope”, a slowburning track resting mostly on a deep, bassy synth progression, a subtly intricate melody, and Mirah’s great-as-ever voice. Of course, this time around, her voice is doubled with some very cool robotic effects, but Mirah finds a way to maintain a human urgency behind the cold mechanical sound. Enter some beautiful strings and the whole thing takes on a melancholic, nearly soulful quality by the end of its four minutes. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this record. Welcome back, Mirah.

Changing Light is out May 13 via Absolute Magnitude.

Mariam The Believer – “Above the World”

Mariam The Believer’s Blood Donation was definitely one of 2013′s greatest albums. It was also one of the year’s most mystifying, perhaps the greatest question it left us with being, “How do I dance to this?” Well, fret over this no more, for the answer is revealed in this new video for highlight “Above the World.” You probably could have guessed it entails going out to the woods (on a foggy day, naturally), convulsing wildly, and climbing trees, but whatever; it’s killer all the same. Watch above and enjoy!

Check out the review for Blood Donation here:

Timber Timbre – “Hot Dreams”

The eerie Taylor Kirk-led singer-songwriter project Timber Timbre drops a steamy new single titled “Hot Dreams.” The forthcoming album it’s featured on has the same title, too.

I love the slow, retro balladry going on here. It’s the perfect setting for Kirk’s voice. He’s always had a knack for channeling the past, but doing something subtly weird with it. In the case of “Hot Dreams,” it’s the sexual lyricism, which is matched with a pretty NSFW music video–uh, unless you work at a strip club.

While the words here express a lot of lust, there’s a lot of affection and devotion to balance it out, too. It’s an all-around beautiful track. Maybe one of Timber Timbre’s least creepy expressions of love as of late–if you don’t know what I’m talking about, listen to this.

Look for Hot Dreams on April 1st, Check a review for Timber Timbre’s last album below:

Alden Penner – Precession EP

A short, four-track EP from ex-Unicorns member Alden Penner. The Canadian singer-songwriter dropped Precession late last year, and all of these tracks are set to turn up on his forthcoming full-length LP, Exegesis. The release date: February 4th. Enjoy!