Sisyphus – Self-Titled

This debut full-length from Sisyphus is far from perfect, but it’s still an incredibly bold and fun display of pop absurdity and genre-blending.

St. Vincent – Self-Titled

St. Vincent’s latest full-length is her most experimental yet!

St. Vincent – “Prince Johnny”

The upcoming self-titled album from St. Vincent can’t come soon enough. “Birth in Reverse” and “Digital Witness” have hinted that this will be Annie’s most off-the-wall and adventurous project yet, and although decidedly a bit more understated than those two; new single “Prince Johnny” is a welcome come-down after them. It’s a smooth, seductive track with a laid-back groove, and of course it proffers a slick-as-sin guitar part from Annie. Yeah, it’s kind of simple, but it’s just so freaking well-written! At this point, I’m convinced she can do no wrong. Enjoy!

STV is slated for release February 25 via Republic.

Beyoncé – Self-Titled

Beyoncé Knowles’ latest album is easily her most sexual and personal.

Murmur – “Bull of Crete”

Stream: Murmur – “Bull of Crete”

Chicago’s Murmur is making some of the strangest, most exciting metal music today. The quartet is set drop its self-titled sophomore album next week, and above, you can stream its nine-minute-long second track, “Bull of Crete.” The playing on this multi-phased piece is freaking tight and the beyond-virtuoso percussion of drummer Charlie Werber is really on display here. Enjoy!

Murmur is due out January 21 via Season of Mist.

St. Vincent – “Birth in Reverse”

She’s back! Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, has announced that her long-awaited new record, St. Vincent, the follow up to her fantastic 2011 LP Strange Mercy, will be out February 25. The first single to drop from it is “Birth in Reverse,” a banging, electric, percussive track with killer guitar licks (as per usual for Ms. Clark, the little wiz). The song opens with the bound-to-be-infamous line “Oh what an ordinary day / Take out the garbage, masturbate,” but don’t let that first impression turn you away. The song blossoms into a super catchy chorus, and it’s all so lovingly, beautifully produced. This is going to be good, I can tell.

St. Vincent is out Feb 25, via Loma Vista. Rock out to the single above!

Sadsic – Self-Titled

The new Sadsic album is one of the heartiest collections of beats that you’ll come across this year, featuring over an hour’s worth of psychedelic, kick-heavy odds ‘n’ ends.

Orphan Donor – Empty

Recording for Allentown grindcore quartet Orphan Donor’s new EP Empty apparently took place over the course of three years – starting in January 2011, in a barn, and ending in November 2013, in a basement. Clocking in at a seemingly meager 15 minutes, Empty might just be the most rawly affecting extreme music listen you’ll have all year. Check it!

If you dig this, be sure to check out the band’s live (and incredibly murky) self-titled EP here. You can also look forward to the band’s first full-length, which is in the works.

MGMT – “Alien Days”

Check out MGMT’s new video for the song “Alien Days;” it’s a delightful, farm-set romp! Our main characters, a young rural couple, appear to be in a constant state of elation – frolicking, swimming, spinning in gyroscopes, experiencing childbirth…Erm, actually, that last one proves to be not so much fun. But there’s also a couple of dancing aliens, so overall, the video’s a joy. Check it out above!

You can also watch the review of MGMT’s latest self-titled LP here:

The Frights – Self-Titled

San Diego surf-punk trio The Frights put out their self-titled debut LP this past Halloween, a fitting release date given that the band describes itself as the “house band for a 1950’s underwater Halloween party.” With its delightfully messy, reverb-drenched recording and “dirty” take on doo wop, The Frights is simply a rip-roaring good time through and through. Have a listen above and enjoy!