Young Fathers – “Romance”

The UK’s Young Fathers have dropped some visuals for their reggae-infused track “Romance,” which came off the group’s recently reissued TAPE ONE. I reviewed it a while back very positively, and I’m still convinced it rules, but I’m patiently waiting to hear some kind of followup–especially since they’re now on Anticon!


Wild Flag- Self-Titled

Wild Flag’s self-titled debut album is a light, fun, and upbeat reformation for these indie rock veterans. I think some longtime fans–especially those in the Sleater-Kinney camp–will expect a little bit more. That’s fine and understandable. I feel the same way to an extent.

However, after several listens, the simplicity of this album no longer bugged me. Instead, it made this album catchy and invigorating. These ladies know what complicated music is, and this project is obviously a conscious effort to make something more straightforward, you know?

This album is a handful of tracks that aim straight for those looking to shake hips, sway shoulders, and raise fists.


Wild Flag- “Romance”

An absolutely hilarious video from Wild Flag, featuring a track from the band’s new self-titled album. The LP will get released via Merge Recs on Sept. 13th.

We’ve talked bout this outfit before; so you should know Wild Flag’s personnel by now, and the group’s connections to Sleater-Kinney, the Minders, Quasi, the Spells, and more.

In this video for “Romance,” the quartet goes on a rampage that would probably result in a few fines. Am I the only one that laughed when they were knocking records off of that store’s shelves?

Wild Flag- “Romance”

After announcing its existence and playing SXSW, Wild Flag is finally gearing up to release a debut full-length. The band is kind of like a fem-rock Voltron, built of members from various indie rock bands of note: Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weis of Sleater-Kinney, Mary Timony of Helium, and Rebecca Cole from Minders.

Merge records recently dropped the album track “Romance,” and features some pretty eccentric vocals and some smooth transitions between the verses and choruses. Dig on the album art below, and look for the LP on Sept. 13th.