Morrissey – World Peace is None of Your Business

Morrissey’s latest album feels more ideological than it does musical. Which is fine, I guess, if all you care about is what Morrisey thinks.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Mandatory Fun

“Weird Al” is back and sounding funnier than ever on his most timely and sharp album in years.

Deadmau5 – When (1<2)

Deadmau5′ new, double album showcases much more finesse and maturity than his past releases. His usual house bangers are dark, textured. Meanwhile, much of the second disc feels like it was inspired by some in-depth listens to a film score or two.

Wolves In the Throne Room – Celestite

Wolves In the Throne Room come through with an electronic and ambient change of pace on this new record of theirs.


The magical monthly segment where I briefly touch down on a gauntlet of albums I didn’t get a chance to review this past month. These are just my short, straightforward, passionate, biased opinions.

Fucked Up – Glass Boys
Fire! Orchestra – Enter
Cormorant – Earth Driver
Venetian Snares – My Love Is A Bulldozer
Antlers – Familiars
First Aid Kit – Stay Gold
50 Cent – Animal Ambition
Keaton Henson – Romantic Works

Additional reviews:
Every Time I Die – From Parts Unknown
Linkin Park – …..sorta…
Anathema – Distant Satellites
Cakes Da Killa – Hunger Pangs
G-Eazy – These Things Happen

Apathy – Connecticut Casual

East Coast rapper Apathy drops an album with a strong sense of hometown pride.

Mastodon – Once More ‘Round the Sun

Metal outfit Mastodon drops the significantly more likable sequel to 2011′s The Hunter.

Lone – Reality Testing

The approach Lone took to his latest record here is shockingly basic, and a disheartening departure from the vibrant, upbeat instrumentals on his last LP.

ZelooperZ – HELP

Bruiser Brigade rapper ZelooperZ latest mixtape is absolute insanity.

Death Grips – The Powers That B Pt. 1 a.k.a. Niggas On The Moon

Death Grips are at their most glitchy, experimental, and esoteric on the first half of their new album.