Unsane- Wreck

March 20th / Alternative Tentacles

Track list:
1. Rat
2. Decay
3. No Chance
4. Pigeon
5. Metropolis
6. Ghost
7. Don’t
8. Stuck
9. Roach
10. Ha Ha Ha

Natural Child- “Hard Workin’ Man”


After throwing their self-titled 7” on the LOVED LIST, all I could hope for is a new Natural Child release this year. My prayers have been answered.

1971 is set for a 4/20 release on Infinity Cat Records, and “Hard Workin’ Man” is the first track to drop from the release.

This track is so lazy and beaten down, I can smell whiskey on its breath after the long drive from the factory. It’d probably be driving around in a rusty, old pickup truck, too.

Deerhoof- Deerhoof Vs. Evil

Deerhoof’s followup to 2008′s Offend Maggie and 1st album for Polyvinyl.

01/25/11 via Polyvinyl Record Co.

MP3: Deerhoof- The Merry Barracks

The Sword- Warp Riders | INFO

8/24 via Kemado

Produced by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis), and revolves around a thematic narrative dealing with death / rebirth.