Locrian – “Eternal Return”

A video for one of the more post-rock-inspired moments from the new Locrian album, Return To Annihilation. It’s the Chicago experimental rock group’s first LP for Relapse records, and it sounds like they’re taking a slight turn for the accessible on this one in an attempt to bring their take on blackened noise to a new audience.

Oneohtrix Point Never – “Still Life” (Excerpt)

The tracks of experimental music producer Daniel Lopatin, a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never-, are difficult enough to make heads or tails of on their own–much less in the form of a three-minute excerpt accompanied by incredibly abstract visuals.

Right now, Lopatin’s next album, R Plus Seven, is looking at an Oct. 1st release date on Warp Records, and the track “Still Life” is projecting this thing to be even more difficult than it’s sample-heavy predecessor. Check a review for that album below, and enjoy the excerpt!

Two Inch Astronaut – “Blood From A Loyal Hound”

Exploding In Sound Records brings more of that old school indie rock goodness with a new track from Two Inch Astronaut. The Maryland band is gonna be dropping a new album titled Bad Brother on June 18th. Enjoy!

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – “Heartbeat In the Brain””

“Heartbeat In the Brain” is one of many tracks the good people at Topshelf Records have seen fit to release onto the Internet from the new The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die album, Whenever, If Ever, which is dropping in June and can be streamed in full here.

The Connecticut band combines elements of emo, indie, and post-rock into a heavy and life-affirming musical experience. Enjoy!

Top-50 Albums of 2012

It’s been another year, y’all! So here are my favorite albums from this past year! It’s been fun doing reviews for you on the regular, and I plan to continue into 2013. Thanks for liking, commenting, watching, and believing.

Here is a YouTube playlist of music from these 50 albums.

Ondatrópica- Ondatrópica

Cumbia supergroup Ondatrópica puts over forty musicians to work on what might be the most essential Latin music record of 2012.


Murder Construct- “Red All Over”

Murder Construct drops a new video promoting the release of their debut album, Results. Check a review of it right here.

Some pretty dark stuff going on here. Dramatic lighting, blood, and what seems like a political statement all wrapped up in a big, leaky body bag.

Look for Results on Relapse.

Ondatrópica- “Tiene Sabor, Tiene Sazón” / “I Ron Man”

Columbia’s Ondatrópica is nothing short of a musical supergroup, featuring both seasoned vets and young up-and-comers in Columbian music. The whole project has been spearheaded by musician Mario Galeano and producer Will ‘Quantic’ Holland, and the group’s self-titled LP is out now viar Soundway Records.

Anyway, how to explain this LP. Well, I suppose the most interesting thing about it is getting this particular mix of both young and old musicians together in a room has resulted in a huge variety in tracks. Songs such as “Tiene Sabor, Tiene Sazón” has really classic cumbia sensibilities, while the Latin revamp of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” not only feels fresh, but intentionally goofy as well.

I like that these guys can show off some tasteful music with traditional tendencies while modernizing things with beatboxing, strange covers, different musical styles such as ska, strange effects, and more.

The band shoots for a festive mood with every track on this new release. Depending on which version you get, you could be dealing with up to twenty seven tracks, too!

Dig on “Tiene Sabor, Tiene Sazón” above and “I Ron Man” below.

TNGHT- “Bugg’n”

TNGHT drops a new video for the track “Bugg’n,” which features a myriad of visuals. There’s nightmarish depictions of a child’s room and toys; loads of live footage of the duo performing; there are some dark city streets as well. Heck, you can even see a dude in a Needle Drop t-shirt at 2:25.

The video is good, and I get kudos to Dominic Flannigan and Peter Marsden on directing and editing. Check out a review I did of TNGHT’s new EP right here.

TNGHT- “Higher Ground” (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice)

Let’s get one thing straight: Next week, There is no release I’m looking forward to reviewing more than the new TNGHT EP. The EP is self-titled and will be out on Warp Records.

TNGHT is basically the collaboration of Hudson Mohawke and Lunce. Both producers have a history of producing some real bangers, and I mean B-A-N-G-E-R-S! Joining forces for five full tracks on this upcoming release, these guys only seem to be pushing one another to take everything one step further.

Energy, energy. Bass, bass. Drops, drops, BANG, BANG, BANG!

Insanity, hello, my name is Anthony. It’s nice to finally meet.