Mick Jenkins – “Lazarus” (prod. Chuck Strangers)

Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins is gearing up to drop his new project titled The Water[s]. It’s dropping August 12th. Just take a listen to this dude’s lyrics. The wordplay is tight, the the passion in his delivery is immeasurable! Keep tabs on this dude!

NehruvianDOOM – “Darkness (HBU)”

Mass Appeal signee Bishop Nehru might be a fresh face in hip hop right now, but the ambitious 17-year-old MC has already been working on a full-length collaboration with MF DOOM, slated for release later this year. Above you can check out the project’s first single “Darkness (HBU)” and its video. Enjoy!

Nehru also did a thing with Disclosure recently. Check it here.

“Old English” ft. Young Thug, A$AP Ferg, and Freddie Gibbs (prod. Salva & Nick Hook)

Magazine/label Mass Appeal recently announced a compilation album with the goal of highlighting a number of the hottest MCs at the moment, including Pusha T, YG, and Mac Miller; as well as  showcasing the talents of some of the imprint’s up-and-comers. “Old English” is the first track off this forthcoming all-star effort, and it certainly has us looking looking forward to hearing the rest. Young Thug, A$AP Ferg, and Freddie Gibbs are freaking fire on this thing and producers Salva and Nick Hook turn out a top-notch, banging beat. Hear it above and enjoy!

Mass Appeal Compilation Vol. 1 is due out September 2 via Mass Appeal Records.

Shabazz Palaces – “Forerunner Foray”

NEW SHABAZZ PALACES! The previously loved Seattle hip hop project has released another track from its forthcoming record, Lese Majesty. Just like their last LP, this one is looking at a release via Sub Pop Records. The date: July 29th.

“Forerunner Foray” is equal parts hip hop and electronic psychedelia. Fluttering synth sequences, spacey rhythms, and a plethora of effects make up the sonic pallet of this instrumental. There are even some short vocal interludes that sound like they’re being handled by someone in THEESatisfaction.

A lot of Ishmael Butler’s lyrics come off confident and brag-laden, but any grander meaning is eluding me at the moment. Regardless, another interesting tidbit from this forthcoming record.

Pearls Negras – Biggie Apple

Yeah, I know I’m late on this, but I’ve been spending so much downtime listening to this peppy, upbeat hip hop EP from Brazil’s Pearls Negras that I had to give it a mention

Apathy – Connecticut Casual

East Coast rapper Apathy drops an album with a strong sense of hometown pride.

Michael Christmas – “Y’all Trippin’”

Michael Christmas is one of the frumpiest rappers I’ve laid on eyes on in a while. His look is pretty unsuspecting, but don’t make any assumptions based simply on that. His rhymes are pretty playful, clever. He’s definitely the kind of MC I could see an old school De La Soul fan appreciating.

Michael’s got a new tape out you can partake in right here.

Ab-Soul – These Days…

Ab-Soul makes an unsuccessful move toward accessibility on this latest record of his.

Open Mike Eagle – Dark Comedy

Hellfyre Club’s Open Mike Eagle drops his best album yet!

#$ – Hash Money

Previously mentioned hip hop duo #$ has just put out its first project on Smokers Cough Records, the eight-track-long mini-album Hash Money. It’s a breezy listen, clocking in a little short of the half hour mark, but it showcases everything that makes its two members so great. New Jersey MC GDP is a clever and charismatic wordsmith and Space Jesus‘ production style is definitely his own – I’ll go with the above Bandcamp page’s “electro hip-hop bass” description of his beats. The twosome ultimately pack a lot into Hash Money, resulting in a decidedly short-winded but substantial listen. Enjoy!