Jay Rock – “Parental Advisory” (prod. SmokeyGotBeatz)

Top Dawg Entertainment figurehead and Black Hippy Member Jay Rock might have had the least hyped debut of everyone in his crew, but his followup is gonna carry some serious heat with tracks like “Parental Advisory” on it.

This West Coast rapper is sounding absolutely hungry and aggressive on this new single. The beat’s loaded with synths, and sounds like an eerie, modernized take on 90s gangsta rap. Very nocturnal. This thing is the ideal soundtrack to some late-night antics.

Lyrically, Jay Rock isn’t delving into anything altogether new, but his junkyard dog delivery is enough to make these grimy, violent tales worth hearing again–not to mention the hook on this thing is killer, too. Rock carries the track on his own, forgoing a feature, which I think was a smart move. The track is short & sweet, and sounds best that way.

Childish Gambino – STN MTN / Kauai

On his latest project, Childish Gambino dreams of running Atlanta and getting a Gangsta Grillz mixtape.

Mick Jenkins and Supa BWE – “Treat Me”

Teaming up with fellow Chicago rapper Supa BWE, Mick Jenkins lands on this socially relevant and very necessary cut titled “Treat Me.”

If you wanna hear this track in its greater context, it comes from Supa’s new EP, which is titled Hurt Everybody. Personally, I didn’t dig it, but if you’re into this song, it’s definitely worth giving a shot. Enjoy!

Run The Jewels – “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)” ft. Zack de la Rocha

The previously praised Run The Jewels have a new full-length album on the way, and I couldn’t be more psyched after the release of this new track featuring none other than Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine.

In case you’re unaware, Run The Jewels is a hip hop duo consisting of Georgia rapper Killer Mike and New York rapper-producer El-P. After collaborating heavily on Killer Mike’s last full-length, El and Mike decided to take it a step further and solidify themselves as a duo, which they christened with a free full-length album last year.

Ever since, fans have been waiting for the followup, and RTJ isn’t gonna make us wait too long for it. The duo’s second album, RTJ2, is dropping on October 28th via Mass Appeal, and this newly released track is the best taster from the forthcoming project thus far. The instrumental is one of the most massive El-P has dropped since R.A.P. Music, and it’s great to her Zach on point once again–you know, since his recent appearance on the Deltron 3030 followup was somewhat lackluster. Zack’s Bitches Brew line was nasty, and El and Mike are sounding great as usual.

Looking forward to this!

Open Mike Eagle – “Informations” ft. Kool A.D.

Hellfyre Club rapper Open Mike Eagle drops visuals for the most technologically savvy track on his new album, Dark Comedy. Enjoy!

shangozeropoint – Nothing Is Original

You probably don’t know West Coast rapper shangozeropoint. That’s fine. Let me introduce you to him right here.

He’s got a new tape out titled Nothing Is Original, and he doesn’t really do anything that goes against that message either. He’s more of a laid-back bedroom rapper with a decent flow, some self-aware bars, and some interesting beat choices as well. While I don’t see this tape lighting anyone’s world on fire, the project’s got a fun, smooth, colorful, and pleasant vibe that I enjoy.

A$AP Rocky – “Multiply” ft. Juicy J

Previously loved A$AP Mob figurehead A$AP Rocky’s got a new track out, and I’m hoping that means a new album is on the way come 2015.

Personally, I’m a little more excited for whatever my dude Ferg is gonna do next, but “Multiply” has a lot to offer. The beat is absolutely sick with some resonant bass and an eerie, droning melody that hangs menacingly in the background. A$AP’s catchy flows, Pimp C references, and shots at various clothing lines make the verses here pretty entertaining.

My main issues with the track sit with the various detours and stops the song makes along the way to the finish. Hopefully the song’s album version isn’t quite as disjointed. The Juicy J “feature” isn’t really anything to brag about either. Considering Southern hip hop acts like Three 6 Mafia are a primary influence for Rocky, you’d think Juicy J would have done more for the track.

No reason not to look forward to whatever Rocky’s got up his sleeve next, but the true potential of “Multiply” was not reached.

Milo – A Toothpaste Suburb

Hellfyre Club’s freshest, youngest face releases his first official full-length. Also, kudos on referencing my favorite Silver Jews song.

Joey Bada$$ – “Christ Conscious” (prod. Basquiat)

New York rapper and Pro Era member Joey Bada$$ drops the 2nd single from his forthcoming album, B4.DA.$$. With the great beat, and the increased aggression on all of Joey’s flows lately, I’m dying to hear this album. Not totally sure when that’s dropping, though. Why, Joey, why?!?!?! We can’t wait any longer!

Check out a video for this track below, and scope a review of Joey’s 1999 tape here.

NehruvianDOOM – Self-Titled

DOOM and Bishop Nehru drop a collaborative album that’s disappointingly short on stand-out material and chemistry.