Lady Gaga – Artpop

Art Pop is easily Lady Gaga’s most eccentric and colorfully produced album yet. However, she still doesn’t go far enough to keep her very radio-friendly band of pop interesting for an entire album–especially when it comes to lyrics.

Watch Savages’ KEXP Performance

A session performance from UK post-punk outfit Savages, which comes courtesy of KEXP. The band performs a number of cuts from their new, debut full-length, Silence Yourself. Catch a review for the album below:

Four Tet- “Pinnacles”

According to this, we’ve got some new Four Tet on our hands. Seems nothing too official is attached to the track–other than that it was played by Giles Peterson. Just listen and enjoy, I suppose.

The repetitive groove and subtle shifts in sound don’t feel too out side of what Four Tet’s music usually sounds like, and I gotta admit I’m loving the muddy bass and shimmering piano chords, too. Something you can really get lost in.