Tobacco – “Streaker” ft. Notrabel

Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman Tobacco will drop his third solo album Ultima II Massage next month, and from what we’ve heard so far, it’s gonna be a filthy, scuzzy affair. Now, if you thought lead single “Eruption” wasn’t filthy or scuzzy enough, this new one “Streaker” might just scratch that dirty itch of yours. This new song proffers perhaps Tobacco’s heaviest instrumental yet – overdriven electronics buzzing, whirring, and crashing in every which way, and even the vocodered voice is decidedly distorted and nasty compared to the lightness and gentleness typically brought by Tobacco’s vocals. He doesn’t care if he’s harshing our buzz this time around. In fact, I think he wants to, and that’s oddly refreshing. Stream the track above and enjoy!

Ultima II Massage is out May 13 via Ghostly. Check out Anthony’s thoughts on Tobacco’s last LP here.

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – Enter The Slasher House

While this new Avey Tare record has some sweet melodies on it, nearly every piece of instrumentation on this thing is burnt to a crisp with effects. A lot like the latest Animal Collective record, this album is a little overdone, and could have benefited from taking the more orthodox approach the “Little Fang” single did.

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – “Little Fang”

We’re digging the new single from Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, “Little Fang,” quite a bit. Now some visuals have been attached to the song, and they’re simultaneously adorable and terrifying. The video is drenched in psychedelic effects, mixes black and white and color photography, and stars a cute little cat puppet named Little Fang, courtesy of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. Follow Little Fang as he drives through the countryside to the fairgrounds, going on a merry-go-round and eventually venturing into the most happening funhouse you’re likely to ever see. Remember that carnival sequence in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? It’s weirder than that…but cuter, too.

“Little Fang” appears on Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks’ forthcoming debut album Enter the Slasher House, due out April 8 via Domino.

Temples – Sun Structures

While Temples’ shows a sincere appreciation for psychedelic pop on their debut album, the band does very little to deliver novel ideas or exciting performances.

Jorge Elbrose (Jorge Elbrecht & Ariel Pink) – “Called to Ring”

We’ve been pretty stoked about this Jorge Elbrecht and Ariel Pink collaborative project ever since they dropped one of 2013′s best singles, “Hang on to Life,” last summer. You might recall the single later receiving a crazy, smokey music video that was equally great.

Well, second single “Called to Ring” has received the same treatment. The video features a strange camo-clad band playing along to the song in slow motion, occasionally being interrupted by the conjoined, mask-wearing faces of Pink and Elbrecht mouthing the lyrics. Like the previous one, it’s a trip. Hopefully there’s a full-length in the cards for Jorge Elbrose because this pair has proven to be just a machine at turning out obscenely catchy songs.

Chad VanGaalen – “Where Are You?”

Calgary art-rocker Chad VanGaalen will be dropping his follow-up to 2011′s tragically-titled Diaper Island, Shrink Dust, on April 29 through SubPop. Above, check out the fantastic lead single “Where Are You?,” an ambling freak-folkish number laden with the twisted vocal manipulations and trippy sonics that are basically trademark for him at this point. Enjoy!

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything

Thee Silver Mount Zion’s latest record is the Montreal band’s heaviest and noisiest yet, It’s not just a mess of abrasive sounds, though. There’s plenty of fantastic string arrangements and moving lyrics to be had on these tracks, too.

MGMT – “Alien Days”

Check out MGMT’s new video for the song “Alien Days;” it’s a delightful, farm-set romp! Our main characters, a young rural couple, appear to be in a constant state of elation – frolicking, swimming, spinning in gyroscopes, experiencing childbirth…Erm, actually, that last one proves to be not so much fun. But there’s also a couple of dancing aliens, so overall, the video’s a joy. Check it out above!

You can also watch the review of MGMT’s latest self-titled LP¬†here:

Circuit Des Yeux – Overdue (Side A)

Be sure to check out this latest album from Chicago-based singer-songwriter Haley Fohr (a.k.a. Circuit Des Yeux). Overdue is her most expansive effort to date, with Fohr bringing in quite a few additional musicians to bring some structure and finesse to her swirling, psychedelic and abrasive, punky brand of folk-rock. But just because the LP opens with a string quartet doesn’t mean that Fohr is at all toning things done. These eight tracks have just as much force behind them as any of her past solo work–they’ve just been given a greater scope.

The first half of Overdue is available to stream above. Happy listening!

The Flaming Lips – “Elephant” (Tame Impala Cover)

The Flaming Lips are teaming up with touring mates Tame Impala for an EP that will see both acts covering two of each other’s songs. Tame Impala has elected to take on “Are You a Hypnotist??” and “Silver Trembling Hands,” while The Flaming Lips have chosen “Runway, Houses, City, Clouds” and “Elephant.” Above, check out The Flaming Lips’ surprisingly understated version of the Lonerism¬†standout.

The EP will be for sale on vinyl at the two’s shared shows on October 31 and November 1, in San Francisco and Santa Barbara respectively. The Flaming Lips have also just released Peace Sword, a mini album inspired by the upcoming movie Ender’s Game, via Warner Bros. Spotify Stream