Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express

This latest installation of CLASSICS WEEK 2014 focuses on one of electronic music’s most pivotal albums: Kraftwerk’s Trans-Europe Express.

i.o – Four Pattern Distorted Harmony

Four Pattern Distorted Harmony is the fourth album released this year by Vitoria-based experimental music project i.o. I endorsed their album Edit Architect earlier this year.

Just like i.o’s previous exploits in 2014, this album is an intense, glitchy collection of tracks indulging in progressive rock, free jazz, noise rock, and match rock. It’s got a number of subtle, serene moments as well that work wonderfully as well. Enjoy!

Beyond Creation – Earthborn Evolution

I’m no technical death metal fiend, but I’ve been warming up to the new Beyond Creation album lately, and I’m really liking what I’m hearing. These guys dropped a debut album in 2011, but Season of Mist reissuing the record in 2013 gave the band some serious momentum.

It’s not hard to figure out why a label like SoM would salivate at the prospect of working with a band like this. The playing maybe be flashy, but the writing being executed here incredibly catchy and tasteful. Not only that, but the band’s incorporation of fretless bass leads to a sound unlike any relevant technical death metal act out there today.

It’s great to hear bass playing such a pivotal role in a genre where it’s typically tacked on in the background. Plus, the fretless’ fluid, smooth tone brings finesse to a metal style that is typically a little too rigid for my ears.

I could go on, but I’d rather save something for the review, ya know? Stream Beyond Creation’s sophomore album via the widget above, and enjoy!

Bent Knee – Shiny Eyed Babies

Previously mentioned Boston art rockers Bent Knee will be dropping their latest record on the 11th, and we’re exclusively streaming until then on the site. We’ll be taking this down on November 12th, so give this thing a listen while you can, y’all.

Bent Knee – “Battle Creek”

This past summer, I caught on to an epic and somewhat progressive Boston band by the name of Bent Knee. Apparently, a lot of other people did as well, and the unforeseen buzz caused the band to push the release date of their sophomore album back a bit in order to promote the record properly.

Well, November is around the corner now, which means the release of Shiny Eyed Babies is as well, and the band is reminding us with the track “Battle Creek,” which is embedded above.

The song starts off with a Floyd-esque guitar lick, and quickly drifts into an ominous drone punctuated with forlorn vocals and plucked strings. It’s a gripping start, and the song only gets bigger from there, conjuring grand musical passages that should captivate Sigur Rós and Björk fans alike. The ending is quite whimsical, too.

Keep an ear out for Shiny Eyed Babies on Nov 11th!

Pallbearer – Foundations of Burden

Pallbearer’s latest full-length draw out a lot of the same sounds and themes that played through the band’s debut album.

Electric Würms – “The Bat”

(via Billboard)

Among next week’s most exciting new music releases is the debut LP from Flaming Lips side-project, Electric Würms. The amusingly titled Musik, die Schwer zu Twerk finds the Steven Drozd-led outfit delivering a set of vibrant and surprisingly condensed prog/kosmische tunes that balance whimsy and weightiness. The project’s virtues were put fully on display earlier this summer with lead single and album closer “Heart of the Sunrise” (a boldly truncated Yes cover). If that track left you intrigued or perhaps unconvinced, take one more glimpse via “The Bat” above. Enjoy!

Musik, die Schwer zu Twerk is due out August 19 on Warner Bros. But that’s not all! The Flaming Lips are doing yet another one of their full-length cover albums, this time for The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and that is expected for October 28. Set to feature a wide array of guests including Miley Cyrus, Maynard James Keynan, Julianna Barwick, and Chuck Inglish; that sounds like it’s gonna be freaking nuts! You can stream their take on “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” here:

Save Us From The Archon – Thereafter

INSTRUMENTAL ROCK TIME!!! Pittsburgh’s Save Us From The Archon delivers some of the most intense and frighteningly tight math rock I’ve heard in a long time. The guitars and drums are absolutely dizzying on a lot of these tracks from their new LP, Thereafter.

These guys can really play their asses off, but the compositions on this album are also capable of serenity as well. Some gentle and beautiful guitar passages pour out of these songs when things settle down.

The music really fits the wintery setting displayed on the cover of this album. Sometimes music portrays a harsh blizzard, other times we’re getting a gorgeous, quiet landscape blanketed in white powder. Enjoy!

Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails

Technical death metal band Fallujah delivers its sophomore album.

Lazer/Wulf – The Beast of Left and Right

The mostly instrumental metal trio Lazer/Wulf drops a progressive, conceptual set of tracks that are a fun and visceral listen.