Opeth – Pale Communion

Opeth serves up another piece of progressive rock nostalgia.

Bent Knee – “Being Human”

Grand, serene, and progressive, I’m loving this track from the forthcoming Bent Knee record, Shiny Eyed Babies. Not only are some of the instrumental passages in the 6-minute monster, “Being Human,” pretty creative, but some of the band’s instrumental builds are unbelievably powerful as well! Enjoy!

Murmur – Self-Titled

Murmur’s self-titled sophomore album is a impressively executed fusion of black metal and progressive rock.

USA out of Vietnam – Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes

Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes, the latest project from hard-to-explain Montreal act USA out of Vietnam, is capable of scratching many musical itches at once. Here, the band combines elements of drone, doom, prog rock, and psych pop so seamlessly that the result is equally cohesive and bewildering. Press play on the widget above and let the droning psychedelic doom pop magic begin!

Kayo Dot – Hubardo

After ten years of being a band, Kayo Dot releases what might be it’s gaudiest album. However, I can’t help but be enamored with the strong playing, ambitious concept, and impressive mix of influences most of the time.

Town Portal- Chronopoly

Some mathematical and progressive instrumental metal from the band Town Portal on its latest full-length effort, Chronopoly. This album serves up one groove-heavy piece of music after another, and the recording is actually pretty heavy as well.

This LP is available on opaque vinyl via Bandcamp.

Rush- Clockwork Angels

Rush fans are pretty psyched about this new album, and I could see why. Clockwork Angels is definitely the best record the band has put out since 2000, but I’m not sure if, personally, it entertains as much as the group’s classics.


Trioscapes- “Wazzlejazzlebof”

Trioscapes is a heavy, new jazz fusion projected featuring Between the Buried and Me bassist Dan Briggs. It’s a surprising release for Metal Blade Recs, and I question whether or not it would have been released if it weren’t for the BTBAM connection. However, that’s not to say the music isn’t good.

Briggs and co. have some incredible chemistry on the seven-minute “Wazzlejazzlebof,” playing together with a level of tightness few band’s achieve. The trio progresses through moments that feel akin to jazz, metal, and Mahavishnu Orchestra-influenced jazz rock. However, the music doesn’t feel gimmicky as Trioscapes changes chameleon colors to another genre.

Look for this album on May 8th.

The Mars Volta- Noctourniquet

With an emphasis on synths, edits, and effects, the Mars Volta makes the more accessible direction its been going in a lot more interesting, making this new record a colorful approach to progressive rock songwriting.


Cynic- Carbon-Based Anatomy

On its latest EP, progressive rock band Cynic moves its sound in a direction I hope shows up on the group’s next full-length.