Dead In The Dirt – The Blind Hole

This new Dead In the Dirt album features a fantastically heavy mix, making it some of the most pummeling grindcore and powerviolence you’ll hear this year–even if a number of tracks here come off as slightly unmemorable.



Stream: Dead In the Dirt – “No Chain”

The Atlanta, GA powerviolence trio DEAD IN THE DIRT is certainly an intriguing up-and-comer in the world of extreme music. The band pulls together some truly unrelenting and pummeling grindcore and powerviolence tunes, but all while advocating a straight-edge and vegan code of ethics.

Above, you can stream a song from the outfit’s forthcoming debut, The Blind Hole, due for release on August 6th via Southern Lord.

Full Of Hell – Rudiments of Mutilation

What Full of Hell’s new album doesn’t have it length, it makes up for in compromise–or the lack of it, really. The band’s abrasive combination of hardcore punk, sludge metal, and powerviolence is up to bat again on their second full-length, Rudiments of Mutilation, which is out now via A398 Recordings. Stream it via the widget above, and enjoy!

Nails – Abandon All Life

On Nails’ sophomore release, the band makes a series of slight improvements to their already extreme sound.


False Light- Self-Titled

False light is conjuring nothing but blast beats and corpses on this new EP of theirs, which is available as a free download right now on Bandcamp. Try it out via the widget above.

Ghostlimb- Confluence

On Confluence, Ghostlimb brings some blisteringly fast, loud, and aggressive post-hardcore, which is evenly mixed with elements of metal music, too. Stream the album above, and grab it for five bones on Bandcamp.

Beau Navire- Lumens

An extremely noisy and abrasive mix of post-hardcore, screamo, and powerviolence coming off this new album from Beau Navire. Something I think Loma Prieta fans would take to pretty quickly. While these guys do showcase a lot of volume and aggression, there’s a lotta passion and melody hidden away in the chaos created by this Oakland outfit. Stream this group’s new album, Lumens, via the widget above.

Full of Hell / Code Orange Kids- Split EP

An ear-splitting, uh, split EP from Full of Hell and Code Orange kids via Topshelf Records. Considering Full of Hell’s Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home was one of the most abrasive things to drop last year, their side of the split is especially attention-demanding.

Six Brew Bantha- Self-Titled

Some mosh-inducing powerviolence from the new, self-titled Six Brew Bantha album. Stream it via the Bandcamp widget above. The record is set to be released on To Live A Lie, but its physical release date doesn’t seem to be known at the moment. Soon?

All I know is these guys create a pretty tight and impressive whirlwind of highly enjoyable noise. “Anti-music” indeed!

Cerce- Tour Sampler CD-R

This is the first time I’m hearing Boston’s Cerce, and it’s an almost abusive experience. The band’s heavy, fist-clenching riffs are thick, distorted, and mix-punching. The drums are fast and relentless. They break into the occasional blast beat as well, making this a great listen for powerviolence junkies out there, too.

However, the most standout part of this band’s music is frontwoman, who has an ultra-feminine shriek that is a breath of fresh air when it comes to this style of music. The lyrics round all sorts of socio-political and feminist bases, making these tracks sound extremely urgent. It’s passion! Fire! Drive! Point A, point B. Fist to face. Done.

The tracks on this sampler run pretty short. Of course, songs this aggressive would need to be packaged into thirty-second bites, and that’s fine with me.

These tracks are available for download on the band’s Bandcamp via donation. 99 cents seems to be the minimum, but it’s more than worth it.