Cloud Nothings – Here And Nowhere Else ft. Sami Jarroush

I collaborate with the RIO!B’s Sami Jarroush on this review of the latest Cloud Nothings album.

Geronimo! – “Mr. President”

A wild, wordy, and riff-y track from Geronimo! titled “Mr. President.” It comes form the band’s next LP, Cheap Trick, which is dropping on May 13th via Exploding In Sound–you know, the home of my dude’s in Pile.

What his song doesn’t have in finesse, it makes up for in raw energy. The lyrics border on insane ramblings, and the tone of ‘em actually reminds me a bit of that new Big Ups album I loved recently. That makes me even more excited for this thing! Enjoy!

Big Ups – Eighteen Hours of Static

Big Ups’ Eighteen Hours of Static combines numerous styles of underground rock music to create one of the most cutting, satirical rock records of this year. Think Minor Threat, Slint, D.R.I., and Dead Milkmen coming to a fantastic compromise on a collaborative album.

La Dispute – The Rooms of the House

La Dispute comes through with a worthwhile followup to 2011′s Wildlife. While some of the stories aren’t as enthralling, the band’s minor alterations to their sound this time around makes this record worth checking out if you’ve been following them up until this point, or if you’re a general fan of post-hardcore with poetic lyrics.

Big Ups – Eighteen Hours of Static

Stream: Big Ups – Eighteen Hours of Static

Eighteen Hours of Static, the debut LP from New York punk outfit Big Ups, is a refreshing half hour of caustic and cathartic post-hardcore. The mix here is muddy, the playing is messy, and the vocals of frontman¬†Joe Galarraga are manic – often searing. But it’s all quite glorious in just how simultaneously sincere and abrasive ¬†its 11 songs are. Give it a listen above via Stereogum.

Eighteen Hours of Static is out now via Dead Labour and Tough Love.

La Dispute – “Stay Happy There”

Midwest post-hardcore act La Dispute is back with another installment of their uniquely poetic brand of melodic, passionate punk rock. The track “Stay Happy There” comes from the band’s next full-length, Rooms of the House, which is looking at a spring release this year.

While I don’t this track shows the same level of ambition as cuts that dropped prior to the band’s last album, Wildlife, I wouldn’t be surprised if this song felt bigger in the thick of Rooms–especially since each of the band’s records tend to revolve around a set of themes.

Check out a review for Wildlife below:

Manners – Pale Blue Light

Hartford hardcore quintet Manners has a new LP out titled Pale Blue Light. Here, the Connecticut band delivers a remarkably tight post-hardcore project–churning out some expectedly dour punk leads, as well the occasional somber, clean guitar passage; and often not taking a second between tracks to catch its breath. Check it out above!

Classics Week: 2013

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Future of the Left – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident

If you like your rock music to have catchy hooks, wordy verses, and lots of smart-ass remarks, then I see no reason why you won’t dig the new Future of the Left album.

MUTOID MAN – Helium Head

Stream: MUTOID MAN – Helium Head

Massachusetts metalcore titans Stephen Brodsky (of Cave In) and Ben Koller (of Converge) have teamed up under the name MUTOID MAN and have just dropped their debut project Helium Head. The people at Earsplit PR describes the sound of this expectedly whirlwind release as “classic rock on bath salts and a case of energy bars.” Well, nothing to add here. Click on that widget above for an earful of Brodsky’s head-spinning leads and Koller’s break-neck drumming and commence freaking out!

Helium Head is out now via Magic Bullet Records.