Perfume Genius – “Fool” (Video)

The previously loved Perfume Genius tags some visuals onto the Too Bright cut “Fool,” which had me curious considering the track features a completely unexpected ambient pop-style interlude right in the middle of its run-time. How exactly would this musical transition be handled? Well, with violet curtains, a feather boa, and candles, of course!

It’s a pretty abstract set of visuals here, which only brings up more questions in the face of the song’s already esoteric storyline. While I don’t find it as gratifying as PG’s other recent music videos, it’s still an opportunity to see Mike Hadreas interacting with a strange cast of characters while rocking golden roller blades. Kudos to director Charlotte Rutherford.

The Neighbourhood – #000000 & #FFFFFF

Download: The Neighbourhood – #000000 & #FFFFFF

A producer needs a very convincing aesthetic on a mixtape in order to get cooperation from all of his collaborators. The way that every rapper on this tape steps into the atmospheric world and plays their character speaks volumes to the world’s authenticity. From Danny Brown–who turns in by far the best verse on the tape–to Casey Veggies, each artist is willing to slow their roll a bit to make sure they can put their name on this breathtakingly dark mixtape from LA-based pop rock band The Neighbourhood.

The strength behind the production lies in its ability to take sounds associated with carefree pop culture and expose the dark underworld lurking just underneath them. Horns, which have recently dominated most #1 songs, are a constant mood setter here. They creating a sense of unease as they lurch just beneath the stripped down beats on the surface. Unfortunately, the DJ introductions on here get a bit grating. Here’s to hoping there’s a DJ free version available soon, but nevertheless, the tape is worth an attentive listen.

-Garrett Cottingham

Anamanaguchi -「Pop It (feat. meesh彡☆)」

New York chiptune outfit Anamanaguchi are gearing up for another album cycle in 2015, and the title of this forthcoming release will be [USA].

While many automatically think of 8-bit music when the name Anamanaguchi comes up, the band’s last full-length touched down on a variety of genres: Japanese pop, electro house, power pop.

This new track sits firmly in electropop territory, featuring candy-coated synthesizers, a funky groove, and almost shamelessly bubblegum lyrics from guest vocalist meesh.

While not the eccentric and instant hit “Meow” was, “Pop It” is an incredibly fun tease for this upcoming album. Also, MARNIE THE DOG appears at the end of this video.

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – “Sunday Candy”

OK, OK, OK. Take a listen to this track. Recognize anybody? Yes, that’s Chicago rapper-singer Chance The Rapper‘s voice there. While he doesn’t get top billing on this track, he is very much a part of a four-person musical act called The Social Experiment. There’s been rumor for a little while that Chance was going to be releasing a project titled Surf soon, and this seems to be what he was talking about.

The Social Experiment’s remaining members include the likes of Peter Cottontale, Nate Fox, and, of course, Donnie Trumpet. Mr. Trumpet is also known as Nico Segal, and used to play in Kids These Days with one of Chance’s close friends Vic Mensa.

Now, together under this Social Experiment umbrella, Segal and company have released this stellar new single. It’s a spectacular blend of pop, hip hop, gospel, and soul. It features some a wonderfully beautiful vocal melodies, bright horns, and an endearing piano as well.

Really excited to hear how this experiment pans out!

Viet Cong – “Continental Shelf” (NSFW Video)

These guys are almost here, I promise. The anticipation for their debut album brings to light one simple truth: Viet Cong know how to build hype the right way. A strong EP, quite a few scorching singles, and most importantly, quality music have the collective music world drooling for their album. “Continental Shelf” was released in October, but its video was released yesterday. The video features haunting macabre imagery with the occasional cut to chill-wave inspired footage of the ocean. Like the song itself, the video is quite jarring. When describing the song to a friend, I related it to him by simply saying “Imagine if Surfer Blood were really, really angry and a little scary.” That seemed to do the trick. The west coast stomp is there, as well as the monolithic guitar riffs lumbering a long like most surf-rock does these days. However, the sunny reverberation on the electric guitar has been swapped with an dark lo-fi hiss, and lead vocalist Matt Flegel could teach a university class on mastering the post-punk howl. It all ads up to a bizarre yet ultimately catchy experience definitely worth a view and a listen.

- Garrett Cottingham

Azealia Banks – Broke with Expensive Taste

New York rapper-singer Azealia Banks’ repeatedly postponed album finally drops.

Little Dragon – “Underbart”

When it comes to being stalked and held captive, I think we can all agree that it’s an experience we’d leave rather than take. And the wrinkly, green-haired character in Little Dragon‘s new “Underbart” video is so physically unsettling that I think he’d be the last on my list of people to stalked by. The beat slowly evolves from atmospheric synths to claustrophobic percussion, highly reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem’s “Someone Great.” The way the song utilizes its space, or eventual lack thereof, greatly enhances the video’s ever growing sense of dread, and will certainly leave you wonderfully.

Check out a review for the latest Little Dragon album here.

- Garrett Cottingham

Bent Knee – Shiny Eyed Babies

Previously mentioned Boston art rockers Bent Knee will be dropping their latest record on the 11th, and we’re exclusively streaming until then on the site. We’ll be taking this down on November 12th, so give this thing a listen while you can, y’all.

Deerhoof – “Mirror Monster”


Deerhoof‘s latest album is titled La Isla Bonita, and it just dropped via Polyvinyl Records.

Hartley C. White – “Let’s Play Politics”

Hey, everyone! I hope you’re in a good mood today, because I’m going to introduce you to someone very interesting: Hartley C. White. This guy is a multi-instrumentalist, martial artist, poet, and songwriter that currently resides in Queens. He records a self-coined style of music called “Who-pa-zoo-tic Music,” which seems to emphasize extremely broken rhythms. While it all seems entirely new on the surface, most music nerds will probably draw similarities between Hartley and notables names in “outsider music“: R. Stevie Moore, Wesley Willis, Tonetta, Ariel Pink.

On “Let’s Play Politics,” Hartley’s melodies are rudimentary, but there’s something strange and unique about them as well. The odd rhythmic character of the song makes every note pronounced and sticky. Despite this song’s unorthodoxy, it’s incredibly catchy. On the lyrical side of things, Hartley doesn’t say anything he doesn’t mean, making every word count in this clever satire of today’s political landscape.

This track is from a forthcoming compilation of songs dropping via OSR, and features music off Hartley’s first four albums, which were all released between 1984 and 2009. Pre-order here.