Goliad – Inevitability

If you find yourself enjoying the pristine, banal plunderphonics of Oneohtrix Point Never as well as the woozy vocal inflection of a “sad rock” act like¬†Porches.¬†(or even Liars), then you might want to keep an eye on 19-year-old Bay Area musician Devlin Miski (a.k.a. Goliad). On Inevitability, you will find both of these things in abundance, and with some fine-tuning, this “plunder-pop” thing might just catch on. Happy listening!

This is Miski’s second project this year, after last month’s Gavin’s Middle Name, a beat tape he released under the name Iequoia with fellow producer Danny Spiteri. Hear it here.

Co La – Moody Coup

Co La’s latest album is a pretty intriguing journey through complex beats and disorienting samples.



Ambient music, noise, and plunderphonics meet in a beautifully odd haze of texture on this new GRGDRZA release, II. Stream it via the widget above, and listen to your conceptual grasp of sound melt away.

Saint Pepsi – World Tour

It seems there are more “vaporwave” bandcamps popping up as projects like Beer On the Rug pick up more steam behind their chopped and screwed regurgitation of lost gems from the worlds of AOR, synth funk, and new wave.

While I’m still not completely impressed with the style, some cuts on this new Saint Pepsi album present some slow and sensual feels, which is great. I just can’t promise that much in the way of impressive sampling or anything like that. Still, this style of plunderphonics continues to be more interesting in concept than experience.

Black Dice- Mr. Impossible

On their latest album, Black Dice produces one of the most intelligible bodies of work to sit in the Brooklyn Group’s discography. But even though it’s surprisingly accessible for music this experimental, it stops a bit short of being interesting to me.


Oneohtrix Point Never- Replica

On Oneohtrix Point Never’s latest album, producer Daniel Lopatin casually saunters into the field of sample-based music, and kicks total ass.