Cloud Nothings- “No Future / No Past”

A video pushing a track from the new Cloud Nothings album, Attack On Memory.

Directed by Ryan Manning and shot by cinematographer Caleb Crossen, here’s a video for the Cloud Nothings track “No Future / No Past.” Featuring a middle-aged man floating away for reasons that are out of his control, this is easily one of the strangest videos I’ve seen in a while. I can’t help but feel scared and worried for the man in the video as I watch his looks of despair grow more and more intense. The ending is pretty creepy, too.

Cloud Nothings’ latest album is out now on Car Park.

Cloud Nothings- Attack On Memory

Cloud Nothings’ latest album is a lean and muscular improvement on the lo-fi sound the band used to deal in just a year ago.


Cloud Nothings- “No Future, No Past”


Coming out January 24th via Carpark, here’s a track from the forthcoming Cloud Nothings album, Attack On Memory. In case you forgot, because I know I did, Cloud Nothings is the project of singer-songwriter Dylan Baldi. I reviewed the self-titled album he dropped earlier this year, and I’m pretty sure I found it equally likeable and forgettable. To be completely honest, I couldn’t hum you a single melody off of that album. No joke! I’m usually pretty good about remembering stuff like that, too.

Anyway, I’m hoping this forthcoming album will be much bolder. From the looks of the first track, it will be. Gone are the quick, instant, and cliche combination of distorted guitars and overbearing reverb. Instead, this track relies much more on its emotion and songwriting. The dismal guitars and vocals remind me of a lotta alternative rock groups that came out of the 90s–specifically the ones that got the “emo” tag.

It’s a pretty intense listen, and I’m digging it a lot. Scope the cover art for this release below: