Dave Harrington – Before This There Was One Heart but a Thousand Thoughts

You probably know Dave Harrington best as the guitarist of Darkside, his collaboration with Nicolas Jaar that yielded the brilliant album Psychic last year. Dave has since put out a couple of tracks through Jaar’s Other People label, appearing in issues 38 and 39 of its weekly podcast. Both tracks clock in at around ten minutes each and are made up of presumably Harrington’s guitar work maniuplated and stretched into a series of enthralling drones. They’ve been put together as a sort of 20-minute-long EP (formally his solo debut), with the hefty title Before This There Was One Heart but a Thousand Thoughts. Stream it above via Other People’s Soundcloud and lose yourself in the multi-phased ambient and micro-house magic!

Nicolas Jaar – OUR WORLD

Check out this glorious hour-long mix that Nicolas Jaar made in honor of John Lennon for the 33rd anniversary of his death. There are many standout phases Jaar goes through here, opening with an interview with Lennon; going on to string together various clips of drones, film scores, and experimental piano work; and at one point sampling a bit of Black Friday mayhem. But the highlight is definitely his powerful remix of Lennon’s “Oh My Love,” which closes out the stream. You can listen to and download it in full above via Soundcloud.

This mix was the 16th issue of the weekly podcast hosted by Jaar’s Other People imprint. Check in on itsĀ site for a new mix every Sunday.

Darkside – “Paper Trails” (Live RA Session)

Yesterday, Nicolas Jaar and David Harrington–a.k.a. Darkside–kicked off Resident Advisor‘s new “RA Sessions” series with a bang via a glorious performance of Psychic centerpiece “Paper Trails.” Watch as the duo stretches the piece to over twice its original length; it’s psychedelic microhouse magic!

Psychic is out now via Jaar’s Other People label. We’re kind of loving it:

Darkside – Psychic

As Darkside, Nicolas Jaar and David Harrington explore the commonalities between subtle electronics and rock grooves. It’s actually a pretty fantastic marriage!

Daftside Remixes Random Access Memories

I know Nicolas Jaar isn’t the most orthodox of producers, and made a ballsy move when remixing Grizzly Bear and Brian Eno on the same 12″ earlier this year; however, I’m not sure anything Nick has done so far could have prepared me for this!

Mixing the name “Daft Punk” with the name of Jaar side-project “Darkside,” Daftside takes every single track from the new Daft Punk album and remixes it in a strange, textured, and warped experience–a lot of the album’s original funk still remains, though. While the remixes showcase some seriously passion for the music Daft Punk presented on RAM earlier this year, I wonder if keeping the “Lose Yourself To Dance” two seconds long is a statement of some sort.

Either way, the fact that Daftside was able to take tracks like these and bring them into a completely different realm shows focus, vision, and creativity. These aren’t your average remixes. Enjoy, and check a review for RAM below:

Watch Nicolas Jaar’s Boiler Room NYC DJ Set

Throughout an excellent debut LP and a handful of stellar EPs, Nicolas Jaar has proven himself worthy in a number of roles throughout the past few years: a producer with fine attention to detail, a justifiably patient songwriter, and a seductive singer. His skills extend to a live context as well, revealing him to be a coherent and focused DJ. This particular talent manifests itself in this set Jaar recently performed in NYC for Boiler Room, which marks the first time he has contributed to the established underground music show.

Over the course of the set’s 45 minutes, Jaar pulls together a series of minimal yet hypnotic microhouse grooves which are peppered with interjections from static-infused radio samples. Especially admirable is the way he never loses sight of his aesthetic, maintaining the smooth and seductive vibe which defines his studio material. A subtle approach to the tension-and-release technique also proves rewarding, with Jaar refusing to allow the bass to remain prominent for extended stretches of time, which allows for a stimulating sense of dynamic. The set is consistently understated, but also passionate and vitalizing, hopping from idea to idea with enlivening finesse.

Check a review of Jaar’s Space Is Only Noise below:

Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt- “The Ego”

A neat little collaborative track from Nicolas Jarr and Theatre Roosevelt, which was uploaded to SoundCloud a few days ago with no real warning. The track features Jaar’s usual electronic tinkering against some pitch-shifted vocals toasting in the midst of some strange, glitchy edits.

Nicolas Jaar- “Play the Drums”

Some sampled poetry and a hypnotic beat surrounded with ethereal tones coming through on this newly buzzed Nicolas Jaar track. Dig on it via the embed above, and check my review of Jaar’s debut album right here.


Nicolas Jaar- Live at Sonar Lab (Barcelona)

On record, Nicolas Jaar, to put it frankly, strikes me as one of the most interesting figures in electronic music to emerge throughout the past few years. His blend of elements of spacious house music, vivid sample collages, and sultry atmosphere, topped off with his own baritone vocals, hit home with both the Space is Only Noise LP and the Don’t Break My Love EP in 2011, and despite being relatively quiet throughout this year, he has continued his winning streak with the excellent “With Just One Glance” single that featured Bruce Willis & Demi Moore’s offspring Scout Larue.

In a live setting, however, Jaar takes his music to new levels, exploring the potential of his studio recordings to create an experience that feels largely singular. It’s an experience I have yet to witness, but thankfully, Jaar stopped by Sonar Lab at Barcelona recently to play a live set, and it is available to stream via the SoundCloud widget above. Nearing one hour in length, the set showcases Jaar seamlessly mixing and remixing material into a cohesive journey, all without a single pause to puncture its continuously flowing nature. Jaar’s studio work is already brimming with ideas, but his live performance shows just how expansive his creativity is, and it’s a testament to what will hopefully be a bright future for the young producer.

Darkside- “A1″

Some interesting visuals from Nicolas Jaar and guitarist Dave Harrington, a.k.a. Darkside, on the track “A1,” which comes from the duo’s recent collaborative EP.