The Underachievers – Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium

Despite this being the commercial debut of this New York hip hop duo, the Underachievers are sounding a bit rougher than they did on their breakthrough tape Indigoism.

Kiddy Pool – Super Pony Perv Plus EP

I’m certain this debut EP of New York experimental rock trio Kiddy Pool contains the most batshit song title of the year: “I Guh Guh Got A$$bergers from a Toilet Seat.” Let that be some indication of what the band’s sound is like – unhinged, noisy (surf) punk laden with lasering electronics and skittering vocal samples. The threesome’s zany dial is turned to 11 most of the time, but they are capable of mellowing out quite a bit, like for the penultimate track “Voodoo or Dirty Mind no Let’s Stay Together,” or for the closing moments of “Mouth Bunker.” It’s a breezy albeit frenzied listen with its six tracks totaling about 12 minutes; give it a try above and happy listening!

Black Anvil – “Until the End”

New York black metal outfit Black Anvil has dropped a new single from its upcoming third full-length effort Hail Death. “Until the End” is the project’s third single and effectively confirms this new record to be the band’s most ambitious yet. Like the previous two singles, it clocks in at around seven minutes, longer than any song on their first two LPs; moreover, it contains beautifully harmonized guitar leads like  those within the disc’s nine-minute-long opener “Still Reborn.”

Give the track a listen above and look forward to Hail Death arriving on May 27 via Relapse Records.

Pharoahe Monch – P.T.S.D.

New York hip hop legend returns with P.T.S.D., following up the lackluster W.A.R. with a more solid project.

Flatbush Zombies – “Red Light, Green Light” ft. Espa (prod. The Architect)

New York’s Flatbush Zombies drop another song in a recent string of track’s they’ve been putting up on YouTube for a few weeks now. This particular one features some really pretty, atmospheric beat. As usual, Meechy Darko and Erik Ark Elliott prove to have two of the most gripping voices in the underground right now.

Hopefully, all of these songs lead up to a mixtape that’s just as enthralling as last year’s BetterOffDead! Enjoy!

Ratking – So It Goes

New York hip hop outfit Ratking is back with a new record and original sound that takes a modern approach to recreating the urban jungle they come from.

Onyx – Wakedafuckup ft. Myke C-Town

After a decade-long hiatus, one of the most hardcore acts in New York hop hop return with a new album that’s backed with some solid boom bap production from Snowgoons.

Flatbush Zombies – “Lit”

New York’s Flatbush Zombies drop a new single titled “Lit,” which comes from the trio’s next EP titled It’s All A Matter of Perspective. I’m loving the slow, smoky, and bass-heavy instrumental on this track, and, of course, the flows are tight, too. Enjoy!

Also, catch a review for Flatbush Zombies’ latest mixtape here.

Ratking – “Canal”

New York hip hop trio Ratking drops a new track, and announces the release of their forthcoming album So It Goes. The LP is looking at an April 8th release date. From the looks of the tracklist, it seems King Krule will be appearing on the record as well! It would seem the previously mentioned “100” isn’t going to be making the cut, though. Regardless, I’m expecting a grimy release from these guys that’ll far surpass the EP they dropped a while back. Enjoy!

Big Ups – Eighteen Hours of Static

Stream: Big Ups – Eighteen Hours of Static

Eighteen Hours of Static, the debut LP from New York punk outfit Big Ups, is a refreshing half hour of caustic and cathartic post-hardcore. The mix here is muddy, the playing is messy, and the vocals of frontman Joe Galarraga are manic – often searing. But it’s all quite glorious in just how simultaneously sincere and abrasive  its 11 songs are. Give it a listen above via Stereogum.

Eighteen Hours of Static is out now via Dead Labour and Tough Love.