Flatbush Zombies – “Red Light, Green Light” ft. Espa (prod. The Architect)

New York’s Flatbush Zombies drop another song in a recent string of track’s they’ve been putting up on YouTube for a few weeks now. This particular one features some really pretty, atmospheric beat. As usual, Meechy Darko and Erik Ark Elliott prove to have two of the most gripping voices in the underground right now.

Hopefully, all of these songs lead up to a mixtape that’s just as enthralling as last year’s BetterOffDead! Enjoy!

Ratking – So It Goes

New York hip hop outfit Ratking is back with a new record and original sound that takes a modern approach to recreating the urban jungle they come from.

Onyx – Wakedafuckup ft. Myke C-Town

After a decade-long hiatus, one of the most hardcore acts in New York hop hop return with a new album that’s backed with some solid boom bap production from Snowgoons.

Flatbush Zombies – “Lit”

New York’s Flatbush Zombies drop a new single titled “Lit,” which comes from the trio’s next EP titled It’s All A Matter of Perspective. I’m loving the slow, smoky, and bass-heavy instrumental on this track, and, of course, the flows are tight, too. Enjoy!

Also, catch a review for Flatbush Zombies’ latest mixtape here.

Ratking – “Canal”

New York hip hop trio Ratking drops a new track, and announces the release of their forthcoming album So It Goes. The LP is looking at an April 8th release date. From the looks of the tracklist, it seems King Krule will be appearing on the record as well! It would seem the previously mentioned “100” isn’t going to be making the cut, though. Regardless, I’m expecting a grimy release from these guys that’ll far surpass the EP they dropped a while back. Enjoy!

Big Ups – Eighteen Hours of Static

Stream: Big Ups – Eighteen Hours of Static

Eighteen Hours of Static, the debut LP from New York punk outfit Big Ups, is a refreshing half hour of caustic and cathartic post-hardcore. The mix here is muddy, the playing is messy, and the vocals of frontman¬†Joe Galarraga are manic – often searing. But it’s all quite glorious in just how simultaneously sincere and abrasive ¬†its 11 songs are. Give it a listen above via Stereogum.

Eighteen Hours of Static is out now via Dead Labour and Tough Love.

The Men – “Pearly Gates”

If you can expect anything from New York’s The Men, it’s that you’ll never know what to expect from them.

The band’s discography thus far has been quite the trip, showing no limits in their ability to imitate the sounds of noise rock, post-hardcore, pop rock, and even country. In fact, their foray into that last genre made for my least favorite Men album thus far. That influence rings true in this new track of theirs as well, “Pearly Gates”; however, I think this fiery backwoods rock number is paying off big-time. It’s like what would have happened if the punk movement had somehow preceded Southern, horn-backed bar rock. There’s loads of guitar slingin’, piano bangin’, and horn squealin’ to be had here. Pay close attention, and try not to miss a single second of the action!

Get some more info on the band’s next album via Sacred Bones. Also catch a review for one of the band’s previous albums below:

YC The Cynic – “Hunts Point Diaspora”

New York rapper YC the Cynic drops a b-side from his last full-length LP, GNK, which you can catch a review for below.

A lot like many cuts from GNK, YC delivers smart rhymes over a moody beat with some sharp rhythms. Seeing that this guys “throwaways” are great gives me hope that his future output will continue to be stunning.

The Underachievers – “Leopard Shepard”

New York hip hop duo The Underachievers are at work on their debut studio album, set to be released sometime next year via Brainfeeder. In the meantime, check out this stylish, Wrung-produced set of visuals, shot in Paris, for Indigoism cut “Leopard Shepherd.”

And a gentle reminder that Indigoism was a pretty sweet tape:

L S D X O X O – “Truth Tella” ft. Cakes Da Killa

NYC electronic musician L S D X O X O may have just produced Cakes Da Killa’s greatest track yet. Cake’s flow is hard and precise over “Truth Tella”‘s sauntering chiptune-esque instrumental. If you’re familiar with a certain Pokemon creepypasta, this cut might make you a little noided, but the astonishment felt by most listeners will surely be at the hands of Cakes Da Killa.

“Truth Tella” is off L S D X O X O’s new EP, S O F T C O R E, available to stream in full here. Enjoy!