Deadmau5 – When (1<2)

Deadmau5′ new, double album showcases much more finesse and maturity than his past releases. His usual house bangers are dark, textured. Meanwhile, much of the second disc feels like it was inspired by some in-depth listens to a film score or two.

My Brightest Diamond – None More than You EP

Whimsical, delicate, and moving, these five new tracks from singer-songwriter Shara Worden–a.k.a. My Brightest Diamond–make for a pretty captivating lead-up to her next full-length album, which is dropping later this year. We actually shared a track from it a little while ago.

Seems like a pretty capable EP, and doesn’t really feel like any material that’s completely throw-away. If this is what didn’t make the album, I can only imagine how great this next release is going to be.

Wolves In the Throne Room – Celestite

Wolves In the Throne Room come through with an electronic and ambient change of pace on this new record of theirs.


The magical monthly segment where I briefly touch down on a gauntlet of albums I didn’t get a chance to review this past month. These are just my short, straightforward, passionate, biased opinions.

Fucked Up – Glass Boys
Fire! Orchestra – Enter
Cormorant – Earth Driver
Venetian Snares – My Love Is A Bulldozer
Antlers – Familiars
First Aid Kit – Stay Gold
50 Cent – Animal Ambition
Keaton Henson – Romantic Works

Additional reviews:
Every Time I Die – From Parts Unknown
Linkin Park – …..sorta…
Anathema – Distant Satellites
Cakes Da Killa – Hunger Pangs
G-Eazy – These Things Happen

Various Artists – Tasty Morsels Vol. 2

An assortment of strange, lo-fi tunes that range from weirdo pop to ambient electronics. Thanks to the people over at Tasty Morsels for putting it together. For those that swoon to the sounds of Ariel Pink and bite-sized synths creating vast, funky soundscapes. Enjoy!

Bent Knee – “Being Human”

Grand, serene, and progressive, I’m loving this track from the forthcoming Bent Knee record, Shiny Eyed Babies. Not only are some of the instrumental passages in the 6-minute monster, “Being Human,” pretty creative, but some of the band’s instrumental builds are unbelievably powerful as well! Enjoy!

Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

Behold, the epitome of superficial nostalgia!

Bones – Garbage

Bones latest mixtape is far from perfect, but it still displays a lot of what I’d like to be hearing in the darker, moodier side of underground hip hop right now.

Jack White – Lazaretto

Jack White’s sophomore LP might be instrumentally lavish, but these emotionally vacant songs features some of his worst tunes since the demise of the White Stripes.

Trap Them – Blissfucker

Trap Them’s latest record might be loud, but the flavorless production and forgettable riffs do these songs no favors.