Lil Herb – Welcome To Fazoland

Illinois rapper Lil Herb seems to be the hotly anticipated lyrical messiah to come out of the currently hot Chicago drill scene.

DaVinci & Sweet Valley – “I Got That Line”

Remember “Sweet Valley”? You know, the brotherly production duo consisting of Nathan and Kynan Williams. You probably already know Nathan from Wavves. Well, they’ve recently teamed up with Bay Area rapper DaVinci for a new project titled Ghetto Cuisine, which is currently downloadable via Fool’s Gold Records.

“I Got That Line” is the lead single off of the project, and I’m digging the color video and obvious Beastie Boys reference attached to this thing. While I’m more enamored with the instrumental than I am the MC, it’s still worth checking out. Enjoy!

CunninLynguists – Strange Journey Vol. 3

Kentucky hip hop outfit Cunninlynguists have just released the third installment of their Strange Journey series, which features a relentless gauntlet of guest rappers. Some of my current favorites sit among them: Apathy, Del The Funky Homosapien, Aesop Rock, Blu.

While the record doesn’t seem quite as conceptual as something like Oneirology, it still looks like a solid collection of tracks. Enjoy!

Girl Talk & Freeway – Broken Ankles

Where have these guys been, and why haven’t they been collaborating already?

Pennsylvania is teaming up on this one with mashup master Girl Talk providing a handful of beats for Philly rapper Freeway. Some might think his style is gimmicky, but Girl Talk’s never really disappointed me. It’s actually funny that he’s been musically silent for the past four years, because I think music fans aren’t really paying attention to genre boundaries like they used to. Now that music discovery on the internet is in full swing, people are listening to whatever the hell they want. That’s exactly what Girl Talk’s megamix albums represented to me, anyway.

As far as Freeway goes, I’ve never really been a fan outside of The Stimulus Package–which dropped the same year as Girl Talk’s last record–but I think he’s sounding completely revitalized over these sample-heavy beats.

I think Freeway and Girl Talk are finding new purpose together with this new EP of theirs, Broken Ankles. The lyrics are grimy, violent, forceful. I’d call the instrumentals unlikely, but nothing happens here that albums like Feed The Animals didn’t already set a precedent for. Still, it’s great to hear Girl Talk focusing on some completely original material rather than just assembling tracks out of pieces of other songs. Stuff like this EP could really build his rep as a producer, because the beats have a lot going on for them on this thing. Enjoy via the widget above or the link below!

Download: Girl Talk & Freeway – Broken Ankles

Migos – No Label II

When it comes to loud, visceral trap rap, there are plenty of songs worth recommending on this new Migos mixtape. The problem is it’s so packed with filler that finding the cartoony, eccentric, and occasionally hilarious gems on this thing can be a bit of a chore.

Isaiah Rashad – Cilvia Demo

While Tennessee rapper Isaiah Rashad proves himself as a capable spitter and lyricist on this project, it’s the storytelling, instrumentals, and choruses that are occasionally lackluster.

Sweet Valley – So Serene

So Serene is the off-the-wall new tape from Wavves’ Nathan Williams and his brother Kynan. See that cover art of Batman and Robin melting? That pretty much sums it up. A 27-minute-long piece that goes through a multitude of wonky, chip-tune-inspired phases. Thankfully,┬áthe brothers have really stepped up their production game since Sweet Valley’s last outing.

So Serene is a crazy journey, and one worth taking for the sampling alone. I mean, the guys sample Larry David and Space Ghost Coast to Coast…TAKE MY MONEY NOW! Oh right, it’s a free download. Grab it here via the duo’s Bandcamp.

After The Smoke – Microwaves

Download: After The Smoke – Microwaves

Alternative hip hop and R&B project After The Smoke drops a spacey new mixtape titled Microwaves via the link above. Download and enjoy!

Kool A.D. – Not O.K.

Ex-Das Racist MC Kool A.D. drops his umpteenth project with Not O.K., which I’m finding a bit more enjoyable than his other recent releases. His delivery is still pretty absurd and laid back, but this project is sounding a bit more coherent to me. Releases like 19 just seemed too scatterbrained for me to enjoy all the way through. Hopefully, this concise direction and quality production continues into A.D.’s future tapes.

Hellfyre Club – Dorner vs. Tookie

With rap cliques being all the rage these days, Hellfyre Club comes together with a new compilation of clever, eccentric hip hop tracks that proves they can’t go uncounted.