Four Tet – “Parallel Jalebi”

As we’ve already mentioned, electronic music producer Four Tet has a new album coming out titled Beautiful Rewind, and there’s a new track from it streaming above. While it maintains the particularly rigid assembly of electronic sequences that have been prevalent in Tet’s recent works, it does smooth things out a bit with some beautiful female vocal samples. Enjoy!

Recondite – “Abscondence”

The incredibly minimal, chilling, and beautiful electronic music project known as Recondite has a new album on the way via Ghostly International, and “Abscondence” is one of the tracks from it. While it doesn’t walk down the subtle acid house road last year’s On Acid did, the quiet bet and icy synths bring roughly the same vibe.

Recondite’s new album is titled Hinterland, and it’s dropping on the 11th of November.

Check a review for On Acid below:

Dawn of Midi – Dysnomia

The new Dawn of Midi record features some crisp production and off-kilter grooves delivered with the mechanics of a grandfather clock.


Dawn of Midi – Dysnomia

Minimalist music, jazz, and electronics come together on this new Dawn of Midi album, Dynomia. Stream it, enjoy!

Stara Rzeka – Cień chmury nad ukrytym polem

OK, listen, if you press the play button there on the widget above, you’ll be subjecting yourself to the new full-length album of Polish experimental rock band Stara Rzeka.

This album is intense, repetitive, drone-y, noisy, and riddled with details. This thing works in length and layers, so maybe it’s best to attempt a first listen when you’ve got the time to let it “sink in.” While some of the sounds are a little rough, the band’s ideas are undeniably ambitious and much larger than the recording they’re presenting here.

Get ready for an auditory experience that’s inspiring, head-splitting, and numbing all at once. Enjoy!

Vessel- Order of Noise

While Vessel does create a pretty consistent and well-groomed style on this album, which fuses elements of IDM and techno with some of the most shadowy sounds on record, some tracks are clearly more well-developed than others.


Nicolas Jaar- “Play the Drums”

Some sampled poetry and a hypnotic beat surrounded with ethereal tones coming through on this newly buzzed Nicolas Jaar track. Dig on it via the embed above, and check my review of Jaar’s debut album right here.


Cold Cave- “A Little Death To Laugh”

Cold Cave pulls together a dark, moody, synth-driven post-punk ambiance on this new track, “A Little Death To Laugh.” You can read a bit ab out the band’s new lineup here, and expect a new album on the way next year.

Dan Deacon- America

On his latest effort, Dan Deacon starts fleshing his heavily electronic and classically influenced compositions with some top-notch orchestral instrumentation.


Luke Abbott- “Modern Driveway”

Electronic music producer Luke Abbott–creator of one of my favorite 2010 albums, Holkham Drones–has a new track out titled “Modern Driveway.” The track’s hypnotic repetition executed by subtle beats and analog synths is to be expected, but the chord progression on this track feels pretty uplifting to me, which isn’t an emotion I came away from his last album with.

Abbott is set to release a new EP on Gold Panda’s label, Notown, on May 28th. It’s titled after the track above. Enjoy!