i.o – Four Pattern Distorted Harmony

Four Pattern Distorted Harmony is the fourth album released this year by Vitoria-based experimental music project i.o. I endorsed their album Edit Architect earlier this year.

Just like i.o’s previous exploits in 2014, this album is an intense, glitchy collection of tracks indulging in progressive rock, free jazz, noise rock, and match rock. It’s got a number of subtle, serene moments as well that work wonderfully as well. Enjoy!

宇宙コンビニ – “Everything Changes”

A wonderfully composed and tightly performed math rock ballad from Japanese rock trio 宇宙コンビニ, a.k.a. uchuuconbini. They’ve got a new mini-album out titled 月の反射でみてた, which you can grab via iTunes.

Save Us From The Archon – Thereafter

INSTRUMENTAL ROCK TIME!!! Pittsburgh’s Save Us From The Archon delivers some of the most intense and frighteningly tight math rock I’ve heard in a long time. The guitars and drums are absolutely dizzying on a lot of these tracks from their new LP, Thereafter.

These guys can really play their asses off, but the compositions on this album are also capable of serenity as well. Some gentle and beautiful guitar passages pour out of these songs when things settle down.

The music really fits the wintery setting displayed on the cover of this album. Sometimes music portrays a harsh blizzard, other times we’re getting a gorgeous, quiet landscape blanketed in white powder. Enjoy!

Lazer/Wulf – The Beast of Left and Right

The mostly instrumental metal trio Lazer/Wulf drops a progressive, conceptual set of tracks that are a fun and visceral listen.

Lazer/Wulf – “Beast Reality (Center Piece)”

Stream here via Noisey

Georgia experimental metal trio Lazer/Wulf is gearing up to release its debut album The Beast of Left and Right through Kylesa’s Retro Futurist Records. The group has offered us this glimpse of project, “Beast Reality,” which exemplifies the group’s self-professedly hard-to-define nature. Although, I do feel either of the descriptions the band offers – funk with thrash roots or jazz with sludge issues – fits the bill nicely.

But if you find either of those descriptions lacking, comedian and extreme music connoisseur Brian Posehn offered these choice words also for your consideration: “Thanks for ripping off my face and force-feeding it to me while I cried out of what’s left of my eyeholes. You are terrific.” “Beast Reality” certainly finds the band at its most, uhm, terrific.

The Beast of Left and Right is due out July 15 via Retro Futurist. In the meantime, you can stream their self-released, Silent Hill-alluding 2012 EP here.


The members of Seattle “spazzcore” quartet Postmadonna appear to be in desperate need of some Ritalin. But the animated, effervescent results of their latest self-titled effort are cause for us all to hope that they never want to shake their ADHD. Released earlier this year, Postmadonna is comprised of nine frenetic tracks that giddily and abruptly bounce from one math rock riff and prog-pop hook to the next; so many times within a single track that listeners will be left trying to catch their breath once the album’s deceptively breezy 25-minutes are up. Stream the LP in full via the bandcamp widget above, and enjoy where the sugar rush takes you!

toe – “New Sentimentality”

Japanese post-math-rock group toe release the title track off of their upcoming EP on Topshelf Records. Topshelf is a fitting home for these guys, as their jangling clean guitars are reminiscent of the label’s “twinkly” sound. However, where Topshelf’s usual fare is indebted to the thump of punk rock, toe use drums as a rolling underbelly to the guitars, an undulating ocean for the beams of sun to interact with. toe is touring the US for the first time ever this fall, check for them in your nearest city. Enjoy!

Celestial Shore – “Stairs Under Stars”

This slice of mathy indie-pop is served by Celestial Shore, and is off of their upcoming debut 10x to be released on Hometapes and Local Singles Records. Expect psychedelia, noodling guitars, and Dirty Projectors-esque vocal harmonies. Enjoy!

The Dillinger Escape Plan – “When I Lost My Bet”

The Dillinger Escape plan drops yet another track from their forthcoming album, One of Us Is the Killer, which will be dropping in May on Sumerian Records, and they’ve attached some visuals to it as well.

All gore, partial nudity, and disembodied limbs aside, what the band has done here ins pretty intense. The speed, dizzying riffs, and and heavy breakdowns make this track an absolutely thrill from front to back. Enjoy!

Dillinger Escape Plan – “Prancer” (LOVED)

Dillinger Escape Plan drops a new release date with the song “Prancer.” The record’s title: One of Us is the Killer. The release date: May 14th.

Like usual, the band brings an incredibly heavy and ear-piercing sound with loads of sharp guitars and abrasive vocals. It’s a full-scale assault, but one that’s been planned out methodically with some interestingly grooved riffs that give off a strong math rock vibe. Enjoy!