Neil Cicierega – Mouth Sounds/Mouth Silence

Neil Cicierega doesn’t just put out one of the most insane mashup albums of all time, but two of the most insane mashup albums of all time.

Neil Cicierega – Mouth Silence

Previously mentioned Neil Cicierega has a new megamix of insanity out titled Mouth Silence. In the piece’s first few moments alone, there’s an amazing, heavenly remix of 3rd Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life” propped up against a fusion of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” with the Ohio Players’ “Love Rollercoaster.” Just let that settle in for a minute. Yeah, that happened.

Anyway, expect some hilariously insane musical clashing going on in this thing, and enjoy!

Neil Cicierega – Mouth Sounds

People come up to me all the time, I mean, literally every day, and they ask me if I know of an album out there that gratuitously mashes a myriad of different pop tunes together in a violent, overwhelming display of digital editing.

Now, I can finally say “yes” to that question, and pass along Neil Cicierega‘s Mouth Soundsimmediately after.

This 56-minute megamix of one song layered on top of another is a bit of a novelty piece, I’ll admit. And not every combination on this thing actually works–I mean, it doesn’t get more mismatched than listening to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” awkwardly playing directly on top of Michael Jackon’s “Billie Jean.”

However, there are some amazing realizations that come about from listening to Mouth Sounds. The biggest of them is that the vocal melody to Smash Mouth’s “All Star” basically works over everything–especially Modest Mouse’s “Float On.” I guess I should have gone into this thing expecting a gratuitous amount of Smash Mouth samples–the title is MOUTH Sounds, isn’t it? There’s even a freaking industrially tinged, Marilyn Manson-esque version of “All Star” toward the back end of this thing that’s impossible not to laugh at.

Despite what seems like a series of tongue-in-cheek remixes, at the 26:30 mark, Neil actually embarks upon the most touching rendition of Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain.” It would seem that without the goofy demo video and jumbled piano phrasing, it’s actually a pretty moving song. Who knew?

Well, I’m sure Tay knew. And Neil obviously knew as well.

Neil is uncovering a lot more than the hidden appeal of “Chocolate Rain,” though. He’s also displaying the musical common ground that’s shared between a myriad of songs the general public perceives as being very different, proving pop tunes come down to attitude and style as much as they do musical composition.

Girl Talk & Freeway – Broken Ankles

While I wish Broken Ankles was longer, in five tracks, Girl Talk and Freeway create more compelling material than some of the more buzzed-about mixtapes that have dropped thus far this year.

Girl Talk & Freeway – Broken Ankles

Where have these guys been, and why haven’t they been collaborating already?

Pennsylvania is teaming up on this one with mashup master Girl Talk providing a handful of beats for Philly rapper Freeway. Some might think his style is gimmicky, but Girl Talk’s never really disappointed me. It’s actually funny that he’s been musically silent for the past four years, because I think music fans aren’t really paying attention to genre boundaries like they used to. Now that music discovery on the internet is in full swing, people are listening to whatever the hell they want. That’s exactly what Girl Talk’s megamix albums represented to me, anyway.

As far as Freeway goes, I’ve never really been a fan outside of The Stimulus Package–which dropped the same year as Girl Talk’s last record–but I think he’s sounding completely revitalized over these sample-heavy beats.

I think Freeway and Girl Talk are finding new purpose together with this new EP of theirs, Broken Ankles. The lyrics are grimy, violent, forceful. I’d call the instrumentals unlikely, but nothing happens here that albums like Feed The Animals didn’t already set a precedent for. Still, it’s great to hear Girl Talk focusing on some completely original material rather than just assembling tracks out of pieces of other songs. Stuff like this EP could really build his rep as a producer, because the beats have a lot going on for them on this thing. Enjoy via the widget above or the link below!

Download: Girl Talk & Freeway – Broken Ankles

Igorrr – Hallelujah

Admittedly, if I had casually heard the phrase “operatic breakcore” getting tossed around in a music conversation, I’d truly be fighting the urge to step in and shout, “GIMMICK! GIMMICK! GIMMICK!” However, that’s really the only word grouping I can conjure to describe the sounds on Igorrr’s Hallelujah. I guess it isn’t truly functional, though, because there’s an indescribable metal influence on some of these tracks, too.

Grab this album on vinyl, CD, or MP3 on Bandcamp.

While I’m not completely convinced that the music streaming in the above widget isn’t a gimmick, at least it’s detailed and impressively produced. The pairing of genres here may, on paper, look about as appetizing as a mustard and jelly sandwich, there’s some serious gourmet cooking going on here.

Airhead- “Wait” (Loved)

As the act of sampling music becomes more widely accepted, the artform is doing bigger and better things. From the straightforward and visceral mashups of Girl Talk to the mind-bending sound collages Oneohtrix Point Never laced into his latest album Replica.

However, this new Airhead track shoots straight for the heart. I wouldn’t say it’s the first time for a track of this style to do so, though. Mashup artist Kids & Explosions had some tender spots on his debut album, but this “Wait” track is the closest sampled based music has come to a legitimate ballad.

The vocal sample is rendered mostly to vowels and moans, staining the language out of the original song without losing the emotion. The beat is slow and heaving, leaving plenty of room for the acoustic guitar, piano, and post-rock guitar swells placed in the background.

It’s true warmth displayed through collage.

Look for a full-length debut from Airhead on R&S later this year.

The Hood Internet- Self-Titled

After years of making some of the Internet’s most desirable mashups and remixes, the Hood Internet has dropped a new album via the good people at Mishka. Download it here, and scope reimagined versions of tracks from Ariel Pink, Foster the People, A Place to Bury Strangers, and more.

Girl Walk- “All Day”

It’s funny how a song from last year can feel like a blast from my past, but I guess that’s the nature of things. Whatever.

Anyway, this track you’re hearing in this video comes from Girl Talk’s last album, All Day. I reviewed it over here. It was pretty sweet, if I remember correctly.

So, yes, the song is old, but the video is new, and it’s the start of what is going to be a pretty ambitious video series revolving around this Girl Talk album. It involves three different dancers performing in various places around New York City, and they look like they’re having a ton of fun doing is–especially that ballet girl.

Get more info on the project here, and look for new videos from this project every Tuesday and Friday over here.


Fela Kuti + De La Soul = Fela Soul

Yep, this exists. It’s a Fela Kuti / De La Soul mashup mixtape. I like that the sampled Kuti tracks actually compliment De La Soul’s rhymes, too. Feels authentic. Feels like something I’d actually return to instead of gawk at for a few minutes. Props to Afropop Worldwide for posting this!