A group of brief reviews I wished I had the time to touch down on in a full video this past month. Sorry I didn’t get to them in a formal review, but I’m just gonna talk about them all in brief here. While I didn’t dig a lot of these releases, I hope you. Look into whatever descriptions most interest you.

Here’s the list of albums addressed in the video:

Black Lips – Underneath The Rainbow(s)
Vince Staples – Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2
Kid Cudi – Satellite Flight
Eagulls – Eagulls
The Men – Tomorrow’s Hits
Cyhi The Prynce – Hystori
Mantar – Death By Burning
Chimurenga Renaissance – rize vadzimu rize
Foster The People – Supermodel
The Body – I Shall Die Here
Black MIlk – Glitches In the Break
Perfect Pussy – Say Yes To Love
Animals As Leaders – The Joy of Motion
The Hold Steady – Teeth

Unsane- Wreck

March 20th / Alternative Tentacles

Track list:
1. Rat
2. Decay
3. No Chance
4. Pigeon
5. Metropolis
6. Ghost
7. Don’t
8. Stuck
9. Roach
10. Ha Ha Ha

Kvelertak- “Ulvetid” ‡ STREAM

So according to this facebook page, one of the best albums to be released overseas in 2010 is going to see distribution in the US this March. I’m talking about the Norwegian band Kvelertak. Their self-titled album is a mountain of modern metal, casting a shadow over everything from rock ‘n’ roll to black metal. Kurt Ballou’s production gives the LP as fantastically heavy sound, and the cover from Baroness’ John Baisley is a nice touch, too. Dig on the album’s lead track below, and be on the lookout for this mammoth, um, tentacle owl soon.

Stream: Kvelertak- Ulvetid