Stream the new Hieroglyphics LP

Hieroglyphics is one of the West Coast’s longest running hip hop outfits, and their 90s roots show up in a big way even on their latest record, the Kitchen, which the group has seen fit to upload in full on their YouTube channel for all to stream. Stream the track “The Mayor” above, and hit up the rest of the tracks here.

Stream the New Blondes Album

When I first ran into the music of Blondes last year through their self-titled release on RVNG Intl., I thought the house duo had plenty of grooves. However, things fell a little flat when it came to interesting sounds.

The duo seems to be making more of an effort to explore textures, effects, and noise on their latest collection of tracks, though. Blondes and RVNG have seen fit to upload Swisher onto YouTube, and you can cream the whole thing via the embed above. Enjoy!

The Black Heart Rebellion – Har Nevo

Try out this new, sophomore full-length from experimental rock act Black Heart Rebellion. It’s got an interesting blend of sounds that I think will appeal to a lot of different music fans.

This collection of tracks not only have the quaint, atmospheric qualities of dream pop and folk, but there’s a clear appreciation for heavy and epic sounds as well. There’s no doubt that members of the Black Heart Rebellion dig on metal and post-rock, but it’s how they bring all these things together that makes this album so interesting. Enjoy!

Stream This Grupo Los Yoyi LP

A vintage piece of Afro-Cuban funk and jazz resurfaces thanks to the efforts of Black Pearl Records and their recent reissue. Stream the album in its entirety above, and dig on the grooves, atmospheric production, and somewhat zany background vocals and synths. Enjoy!

Holly Herndon- “Movement”

Though Holly Herndon’s debut LP doesn’t have much in terms of consistency or length, this sonic experimentalist puts together some extremely interesting soundscapes, techno oddities, and vocal manipulations.


Jens Lekman- I Know What Love Isn’t

On his third full-length album, Swedish singer-songwriter Jens Lekman returns with a more simplistic approach, toning down the extremely colorful instrumentation that coated his last LP. Thankfully, the man’s charm and wit is all this album needs to stay afloat.


Animal Collective- Centipede Hz

With Centipede Hz, experimental music outfit Animal Collective is following its poppiest album, 2009′s Merriweather Post Pavilion, with one of its most hectic.

Stream Jens Lekman’s I Know What Love Isn’t

Stream: Jens Lekman- I Know What Love Isn’t

On September 3, Swedish singer-songwriter Jens Lekman will be releasing his third LP, titled I Know What Love Isn’t, via Secretly Canadian. The folks over at The Quietus have made it available to stream now; just follow the link above to give it a listen.

It’s been about five years since Jens won the hearts of many independent music fans with his last album, Night Falls Over Kortedala. His sweet, engaging lyricism, captivating melodies, and disarming voice made him a personality with whom it was difficult not to fall in love, especially when coupled with the warm and welcoming aesthetic of his precisely chosen instrumentation. Fortunately, I Know What Love Isn’t exhibits Jens retaining such qualities and the charm they lent him, though also exploring his songwriting enough to save it from feeling like an unneeded regurgitation of ideas previously established in his discography. Aspiring indie pop artists, take note: this is how you make a record that is infectious on the surface and bears emotional depth at its core.


Baroness- Yellow & Green

Baroness lightens their sound a bit, but still comes through with an ambitious double album with Yellow & Green. Keep it epic!


Metric- Synthetica

Album after album, Ontario band Metric hones an incredibly polished approach to rock music.